While Jack Bauer deals with global apocalyptic crises under a countdown clock on 24, the show is doing its part to help avert another kind of crisis: global warming. 24 is the first-ever carbon neutral TV production, a distinction achieved via replacing incandescent bulbs with CFLs, turning off electric equipment when not in use, using bio-diesel blends to power vehicles and generators, distributing memos, scripts and schedules electronically to save on paper and delivery services, using hybrid vehicles to save more than 1300 gallons of gasoline, and purchasing 'green' power (wind, solar, hydro) to reduce carbon emissions by 43%, and buying offsets for the remainder.

"This is a passion project for us at 24, and we’re amazed by how much we were able to achieve this past season in terms of conserving energy and reducing carbon emissions,” comments executive producer Howard Gordon. “But now the really important work begins, which is to inspire our audience to make changes in their own lives.” On Mar. 2, star Kiefer Sutherland appeared in the first of several cast PSAs aiming to educate viewers about climate change and global warming.


In step on the dance floor as partners in Season 8 of Dancing With the Stars, premiering on ABC Mar. 9 at 8 PM, Access Hollywood co-anchor Nancy O'Dell and pro Tony Dovolani are also in synch when it comes to green living. O'Dell -- the author of the forthcoming (Apr. 14) book Full of Life: Mom-to-Mom Tips I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Was Pregnant, uses organic cleaning products at home and feeds her toddler daughter Ashby only the purest foods, "organic milk, organic fruit, organic vegetables."

Dovolani, whose three kids include six-month-old twins, does the same. "We try to buy all organic stuff for the babies. My kids have been really healthy and I think a big factor is that we use all organic stuff." While based in L.A. for the show, he lives in Connecticut, "a really green state," with his family. "We live there for a reason," notes Dovolani, who is "obsessed with recycling" and drives a Chrysler van that runs on flex fuel. "The next thing for us is getting a hybrid," he says. "We need to protect ourselves from global warming and take care of the earth. We're trying to teach our children by example."



Nathan Fillion, star of the new ABC series Castle, is excited about alternative fuel cars as well. "I'm investing in a vehicle that’s coming out next year called the Persu Hybrid. It’s a three-wheeled vehicle -- classified as a motorcycle -- that actually leans into turns. It looks like a spaceship. I love it!" he says.

In Castle, premiering Mar. 9 at 10 PM, he plays a roguish mystery novelist who helps a detective (Stana Katic) solve murders. "He's a spoiled brat, kind of in his own world, but very, very clever," says Fillion, known for his roles on Desperate Housewives and Firefly on TV and movies Serenity and Waitress. His own taste in novels tends toward fantasy fiction like the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter series, but since getting the part he's gotten into authors Clive Cussler, James Patterson, and Robert Parker's Spenser series.

(Update: It has just been announced that Nancy O'Dell will leave the competition due to an injury.)

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