“I just purchased some sustainable bamboo towels, and they are so soft and they’re great for the environment,” Christina Applegate told us while promoting Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel with Amy Poehler. The pair play two of three new female chipmunks -- the Chipettes -- who are the musical rivals and love interests for Alvin, Theodore and Simon in the CGI animated/live action hybrid. “I love being part of something that has been around for as many years as it has been,” Applegate says of the Alvin franchise, and though she admits it was strange to hear herself singing at Chipmunk speed at first, “It’s absolutely adorable,” she admits. “I got really excited, especially when I first saw one of the dance numbers.” Recording was a bit strange, too. “You have to talk very slow so when it’s sped up, people understand what you’re saying,” explains Poehler.

Zachary Levi, who portrays a video game-addicted slacker left in charge of the Chipmunks by his incapacitated cousin David Seville (Jason Lee) in the movie, shared his favorite simple but cost-saving eco-tactic: he switches off lights when he leaves a room. “I was raised in a home where it was important to do that and it stuck with me. And it’s certainly helped with my electricity bills.” Levi’s series Chuck returns to NBC Jan. 10 with two new episodes. “Chuck downloads Intersect 2.0 and it grants him all these physical powers,” says Levi, who’ll be playing opposite such guest stars as Kristin Kreuk, Brandon Routh and Angie Harmon this season.


Fashion maven Stefani Greenfield, one of the judges deciding the fates of the contestants on Bravo’s fashion design competition Launch My Line, applauds the trend towards organic fabrics. “Designers are trying to incorporate it and I think it’s wonderful,” she says, mentioning Stella McCartney and Loomstate. “It’s the way of our lives now. It’s a movement to do everything better. Designers are becoming so much more educated and there’s such a wealth of opportunities in fabric. And customers are embracing it. If we all green up our act, it’s only going to help.” LML contestant Louanna Rawls says she wanted to do a green line for the show, but couldn’t because of the limited fabrics available to the participants. She’s currently designing jewelry for the brand Herrera-Rawls and is trying to incorporate green items. I’d like to take vintage pieces and incorporate them with new pieces,” she says.

Launch My Line airs on Bravo Wednesdays at 10 p.m.

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Ecollywood: Cast of 'Alvin and the Chipmunks' sequel goes green
Amy Poehler, Zachary Levi and Christina Applegate tell MNN how they're becoming eco-friendly.