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When it comes to being green, it’s “all the little things” for Cheryl Hines. “It’s recycling, switching to canteen bottles instead of plastic water bottles. On our set, everyone has their own stainless steel bottle they carry around. There are no plastic bottles on our set,” says Hines, now doing double duty as single mom of two on ABC’s new sitcom, In the Motherhood, premiering Mar. 26 at 8 p.m. and continuing her long-running role on Curb Your Enthusiasm. She’ll be back for the improv comedy’s seventh season when it returns to HBO in September.


Ricardo ChaviraWe caught up with a slew of TV celebs at the College Television Awards including Desperate Housewives’ Ricardo Chavira (pictured right), who admitted to his not-so-green green affection for big trucks but pointed out that his wife “is very good at making sure that we’re eco-friendly. She’s good about recycling and making sure we buy organic products, especially for the kids,” said the father of two, who lives in Texas with his family when he’s not shooting on Wisteria Lane. “It’s rubbing off on me. I’m making small strides.” He wouldn’t spill any DH secrets, but revealed he’s written a screenplay for a drama about crossing the U.S.-Mexico border that he’s working on getting produced.

“We definitely recycle in my home. I try to buy eco-friendly products, and I use the reusable bags when I shop,” said Everybody Hates Chris mom Tichina Arnold, who’ll play Tyrese’s wife in the Transformers sequel Revenge of the Fallen, out June 24. “My scene comes at a pivotal point in the movie,” she noted.

“I think people need to conserve more and be aware of things like how long you’re in the shower. We need to raise our level of consciousness,” said avid recycler Navi Rawat, who’s shopping for a hybrid car. If she doesn’t book a movie during her Numb3rs hiatus, she plans to go to Alaska “to see and photograph the glaciers before they disappear.”

Jordana Spiro with Pauley PerretteJordana Spiro (My Boys) recently joined the hybrid club, buying her first Prius, which she calls “’The Hollywood actress uniform car.’ I love it! And I’m astounded by how much mileage it gets. I’m impressed every time,” declared Spiro, who plays a one-of-the-guys sportswriter in the TBS sitcom, returning for its third season March 31. “I get a serious boyfriend this time around. And I also get my own [newspaper] column.”

NCIS star Pauley Perrette (pictured with Spiro, left) is into recycling and planting trees. “I go outside and look at my ficus trees that I planted seven years ago and they’re so big now. They’re twice as big as me,” she said. Next month her character, Abby, has a featured episode that takes her out of the lab. She’s also working on a documentary film about civil rights attorney Mark Lane.

“Mother Nature is home to everyone and if we destroy her she’s going to destroy us. People need to be more aware and not just talk about going green but actually do it,” said Shailene Woodley, who plays teen mom Amy on Secret Life of the American Teenager. Passionate about the environment, the 17-year-old wants to own or invest in a bamboo farm one day. “Bamboo can grow four feet in a day. It’s hardier than some woods and termites don’t like it. You can build houses and make fabric from it and you don’t have to cut down trees.” Shailene, now at work on Secret’s season two, in which Amy will juggle school and motherhood, drives a Prius to work but often bikes otherwise. “I try not to drive my car unless it’s like 45 miles away.”

Christian Kane (Leverage) is another dedicated recycler and avid golfer who picks up any trash he finds on the course, and teen star Jennette McCurdy (iCarly) does her eco-part by unplugging her cell phone charger, taking shorter showers and using a refillable bottle for drinking water. The Brita water filter she and the other celebs received in the Backstage Creations Celebrity Retreat should make those refills much tastier.


Finally, Sharon Osbourne (pictured right), who returns to TV with her wacky clan on the Fox comedy-variety show Osbournes: Reloaded on Mar. 31, implements her own unique recycling program at home. “I recycle the dog sh*t,” she says. “I pick it up and put in on the plants!”

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Ecollywood: Cheryl Hines curbs her recycling
When it comes to being green, it's "all the little things" for Cheryl Hines. "It's recycling, switching to canteen bottles instead of plastic water bottles."