While most Hollywood types come in various shades of green these days, at least making an attempt at eco-friendliness (or vowing to), Denis Leary ain’t playing along. An unrepentant smoker and carnivore who is unafraid to court controversy, the Rescue Me star goes against the environmental grain in declaring to MNN, “My goal is to leave this planet with the biggest carbon footprint I can possibly leave.”

Leary refuses to give up his energy guzzling vehicles, for both practical and personal comfort reasons. “I live most of my time on a horse farm, so I've got to have trucks. I’ve got to have pickup trucks to move snow. I don’t have to have an SUV,” though he says he’s “okay with” the idea of a hybrid SUV if it was roomy enough. “But I want a big car. I want legroom and I want meat and potatoes and I want the biggest TV. I honestly don't care if my grandchildren can breathe or not. I want to be comfortable where I'm driving and where I'm sitting. I want bigger stuff,” he declares, mentioning upgrading his 65-inch flat screen to an 80-incher.

The better, no doubt, to watch sports, movies, Jon Stewart, and the America’s Next Top Model and Real Housewives episodes he watches with his wife and daughter. On the Rescue Me Comedy Tour accompanied by costars Adam Ferrara, Lenny Clarke and Nick DiPaolo, Leary is bringing his irreverent standup to Grand Prairie, TX, Chicago, Atlanta, Clearwater and Hollywood, FL and Upper Darby, PA through April 29, performing to benefit his Leary Firefighters Foundation. He’ll also reprise his role as saber-toothed tiger Diego in the third Ice Age movie Dawn of the Dinosaurs, due in theaters July 1.


Don’t get too attached to the cast of the new CBS series Harper’s Island, because odds are they won’t be around for long. In the Ten Little Indians-esque limited series (Apr 9-July 2), members of a destination wedding on a northwest island, once the scene of a brutal series of murders, will get bumped off by a new serial killer intent on decimating the bridal party and guest list. Signing on, none of the players knew if they were victim, assassin, or how long they’d be around.

“We got to experience what the audience is going to experience when they are watching it,” says Christopher Gorham (Ugly Betty), who plays the groom in the series, which was shot in Vancouver. At home in L.A., the father of three (pictured right) does his best to live green. “We switched a while ago to all-organic cleaning stuff and I drive a Prius,” he says.


Cameron Richardson, who plays Chloe, a flirt who has a “strange obsession with serial killers,” does her eco-part as well. “I don’t take plastic bags. I have a water filter and fill a bottle at home. And I make coffee at home and drive a Highlander hybrid,” she enumerates. “I do stuff for Surfrider Foundation to help save the oceans.”

Matt Barr, who plays impulsive party boy Sully, takes a canvas bag to his local Whole Foods, uses CFL bulbs, and turns off and unplugs electric items when he’s not using them. “We have the power to save our planet,” he says. “Change is only going to come if we make the choice. I think Obama is setting a good example.”

Barr will also be seen in the pilot for the Gossip Girl prequel that will air as a flashback episode of the series on May 11, playing Keith Van Der Woodsen, love interest for Lily (Brittany Snow).

Harper’s Island premieres at 10 PM Apr. 29, and the Website Harper’sGlobe.com will complement its storyline with original and some crossover content that will provide clues to the mystery.


Even if it weren’t on Comedy Central, the title Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire gives it away -- in the adventure spoof premiering Apr. 9, medieval action is played for laughs. Shot in Budapest with a mostly British cast, Krod’s eponymous buff but klutzy hero is portrayed by Sean Maguire (pictured left with co-star India de Beaufort), who played a lovelorn musician in the premiere of Cupid.

Now living in L.A. with his longtime girlfriend, Maguire says both are shopping for hybrid cars. “I go around pulling every electronic out of every socket in everybody’s house because if it’s not being used, especially computer chargers and phone chargers,” he says. “And I’m getting the house solar paneled this year. We’ve looked into a company that can provide all of your power and we’re doing that this year as well. I’d like to do more but I’m doing my little bit, you know.”

Co-star India de Beaufort is making her American TV debut in Krod Mandoon as the sassy sexpot Aneka. “She’s feisty and strong-willed and headstrong, but she’s also this kick-ass warrior,” points out the London-based actress and singer, who reduces her energy consumption by walking as much as possible. “If I’m getting food nearby I’ll walk, and if I’m going grocery shopping I have fabric bags. I recycle, and I always make sure to turn off the electricity of things I’m not using.”




Tracey Ullman (pictured right) recycles and drives a hybrid, but she has her eye on a plug-in vehicle next. The chameleon-like comic, whose series State of the Union returns to Showtime Apr. 12, is glad that auto companies are -- even if belatedly -- making electrics. “Isn’t it funny how under pressure that Chrysler can come out with the most brilliant electric car and they couldn’t for all those years?” she muses. “I really want that.”

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