On the red carpet at the 17th annual Night at Sardi’s fundraiser to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association, Dennis Quaid talked about the two eco-themed movies he has in the can. In the first, the 3D animated Battle For Terra, he voices “a mentor to the hero” in a story about aliens whose planet is invaded by humans fleeing a dying Earth. Come September, he’ll star in the similarly themed Pandorum, a sci-fi psychological thriller in which “we’ve destroyed Earth and have to leave.” On terra firma, Quaid drives a flex-fuel car. “I didn’t get a hybrid because I need more horsepower to pull a trailer,” he explained.

The benefit, a musical revue featuring music from Damn Yankees, gave TV stars the chance to sing songs from the show they’d last performed in high school (Sharon Lawrence and Peter Gallagher) or on Broadway (Victor Garber). “My grandmother passed away from Alzheimer’s so it’s personal to me,” said Lawrence (pictured right), who’s also an eco-advocate. A longtime supporter of Global Green, the NRDC, and the World Wildlife Fund, for which she did a PSA about protecting polar bears and preventing global warming, she’s having a mountain retreat built with soy-based insulation. ”We want to make it as green-certified as we can,” said Lawrence, who drives a hybrid, uses CFL bulbs, and is an investor in Akasha, an organic cuisine restaurant in Culver City, California.

“We’re trying to use way less plastic,” said Gallagher, and fellow Prius owner Garber carries canvas bags to the grocery store -- when he remembers to. “I’m always buying more,” admitted Garber, who uses CFLs and Planet dishwashing detergent at home. He’ll have a guest role in Fox’s forthcoming series Glee.

Jim Parsons (pictured left) was “nervous as hell” about singing “You’ve Gotta Have Heart” with his Big Bang Theory cast mates at the event. He said he reduces his carbon footprint by using a water filter instead of buying bottles, walking instead of driving whenever possible, and recycling papers. “They’re good on the set with that too -- plastic, aluminum, paper,” he noted. Molly Sims (Fired Up) has also swapped plastic water bottles for refillable metal ones. “I’m taking four-minute showers and I switched all my cleaning products to Mrs. Meyers,” she said.

The cast of Friday Night Lights, honored for an Alzheimer’s storyline, was well-represented at the event, where Off Broadway vet Scott Porter took part in several numbers. “I walk pretty much everywhere,” said car-less Porter, who takes cloth bags to the market. About to move from Austin (FNL’s home base) to L.A., he’ll star in the semi-musical Bandslam in August. “I play guitar and sing -- I get to lead a rock band.”

Jesse Plemons is also looking for an L.A. pad, but his primary home is in a green community in Austin called Agave. “It’s built of recycled materials and I’m in the process of switching over to solar,” said the native Texan, who’ll appear in the last two episodes of Cold Case this season and with Seth Rogen and Ray Liotta in the movie comedy Observe and Report, out Apr. 10. “I never knew how hard it is to keep a straight face. In some scenes that was the mission,” he confided.

Bi-coastal Connie Britton walks as much as possible, especially when she’s in New York. “It’s a good place to try to be environmentally friendly,” she noted. FNL hubby Kyle Chandler (pictured right with his wife, Katheryn) has installed an efficient water heater and low-flow toilets and showerheads in his home, and TV daughter Aimee Teegarden, who’ll reappear on 90210 Mar. 31, is “driving less, walking more, and eating local.” As for Adrianne Palicki, “I drive a Prius. I try to conserve water at my house. And I’m OCD about picking up litter,” she said. “I hike every day and pick up trash on the trail.”

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Ecollywood: Dennis Quaid is ready for the Apocalypse
On the red carpet at the 17th annual Night at Sardi’s fundraiser to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association, Dennis Quaid talked about the two eco-themed movies