It's been a busy week for celebrities attending charity events. But not to worry -- we've got you covered:

• Celebs ping-pong for charity

• Celebs support Eva Longoria Parker charity

• Celebs play poker for lupus

• PETA's 30th anniversary gala

Eva Longoria Parker, Felicity Huffman, and other celebs celebrated Padres Contra el Cancer’s 25th year of helping to improve the quality of life for Latino children with cancer and their families at a gala honoring George Lopez’s work on behalf of the nonprofit. Longoria Parker, who hosted the event, was a Padres supporter long before "Desperate Housewives" made her famous, but once it did, “we were able to have a wider platform. Padres grew as I grew,” she said. “It’s a really tough economic time for people who want to give back, and we just try to keep the awareness in the press about how needed all of these charities are — not just Padres but everybody. You’ve got to constantly work it all year round.”

Longoria Parker is concerned about the environment as well. “I do everything that's eco. I have a Lexus hybrid. I don't have bottled water in the house. We have filtered water and we always drink from glasses. I use recyclable bags at the grocery store,” she told us. Huffman, on hand to support her co-star and the organization, also works on behalf of eco-charities. “I do wilderness preservation. I’m a big supporter of Greenpeace,” she said.

This season on "Desperate Housewives", her character Lynette “has a young baby and that in and of itself is enough to drive everybody crazy,” and she clashes with old frenemy and new Wisteria Lane resident Penny (Vanessa Williams). “She brings a real dash of vinegar to the set. She’s really smart, really strong, a real team player — a great addition,” Huffman praises Williams. 

“She was really nervous coming into a year-seven show with a bunch of women, and she’s just melted right in,” added Parker, whose storyline involves potentially devastating secrets — only Carlos (Ricardo Chavira) knows their daughter was switched at birth and only Gabby knows Bree’s son Andrew ran over Carlos’ mother. “That’s going to cause some fun and comedic opportunities to deal with, and at the same time a lot of dramatic stuff to come in episodes two and three. It gets really sticky.”

Actress Constance Marie (pictured right), who has visited kids in hospitals on behalf of Padres, is even more touched by the affected families’ situations now that she’s the mother of a 19-month-old daughter, and she’s also more aware of environmental dangers. “All our fruits and vegetables are organic, we use organic cleaning supplies, and I don’t put on hair or makeup products around her,” said Marie. “We use cloth diapers. The nursery is completely green.” But the jury is out on CFL bulbs. “There’s mercury in them. I’m staying with the regular bulbs until they sort it out.” Just now getting back to focusing on her career, “There’s something I can’t talk about,” she said, “but it’s a completely different thing than I’ve ever done before.”

“We don’t keep water bottles in my house anymore. We have jugs and containers we fill up and keep in the refrigerator. And I don’t use water bottles on "Sonny with a Chance". Everyone knows not to hand me a water bottle because I won’t take it,” said Demi Lovato, who’s half Latino and has had young relatives on both sides of her family who’ve had cancer. “It really means a lot to me that I’m able to be here and give back to them,” she said. Currently on a break from her Disney Channel series, she’s headed to South America to continue touring with the Jonas Brothers. 

“Eva Longoria is a good friend of mine and I really believe in everything she does and in the cause itself, kids and their health and cancer. The way it helps the families I think is important and I want to be here to support it,” said Lisa Vidal, now playing First Lady to Blair Underwood’s president in NBC’s "The Event". “The first Latina in the White House. I feel honored,” said Vidal, describing her character as “very strong, intelligent, very protective of her family. I think she’s a little bit of [First Lady] Michelle, a little bit of Hillary, a little bit of Jackie.” The ensemble show suits the mother of three: “I get to work and enjoy that part of me but I have time to have a life and be with my kids.” Those kids “are very well aware of recycling,” and take cloth napkins and a lunchbox to school instead of paper or plastic bags. “We changed over to green cleaning products,” Vidal added.

“Kids and cancer in the same sentence? I have to jump in to help,” said Eva LaRue (pictured left), who has attended the Padres gala for the last four years. Returning to CBS for the ninth season of "CSI: Miami" on Oct. 3, LaRue will get out of the lab in an upcoming episode. “I go undercover and get drugged,” she said, looking forward to the ninth episode, number 200. “There’s a really big party that’s supposed to be happening.”

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