It’s awards season in Hollywood and that means celebs are getting treated even more royally than usual at the various gifting and pampering suites around town. The eco-friendly Green With Music retreat and spa got stars ready for the Grammys, and the Valentine Celebrity Romance Suite offered everything from custom red carpet wear to items like a Blo & Go hands-free hair dryer holder, sleep mask from Glo to Sleep, Seacret skin and nail care, and Hai flat irons. Green vendors were out in full force, with Green Apple bamboo clothing, Aglow soy candles and Aquamantra spring water represented.

Heroes star Greg Grunberg picked up items for his wife Elizabeth as they’re planning a post-Valentine’s Day trip to Ojai. He shared a great green idea he instituted for art projects he does with his three sons. “I go to the Salvation Army and I will buy the ugliest, biggest framed painting that they have for like nothing, take it home and paint over the entire thing with paint that’s been left over from remodeling a room,” he outlined. “Then the boys each take a turn on it and I finish it and paint the frame. “It looks like a Jackson Pollock!”

Grunberg also told us about a new free application he created for the iPhone (and soon, BlackBerry) called Yowza!! that directs mall shoppers to stores for discounts and deals. “It couldn’t be more green -- no coupons, no delivery, no paper. It’s all digital,” he explained.

Tia Carrere (pictured at right), who just won a Grammy for Best Hawaiian Album, was feeling “a little gluttonous” for all the conspicuous consumerism, but felt good about supporting small companies and pointed out that her Grammy dress was a $30 recycled bargain bought on eBay. “I wanted to make a statement that you can look fabulous at any price,” said Carrere, who is diligent about recycling and turning off lights and running water at home – not to mention she drives a Toyota Highlander hybrid.


Cristian de la Fuente (pictured at left with his wife, Angelica) also conserves electricity, uses refillable water bottles, “and we don’t use the car when we can walk,” he noted. Monk shrink Hector Elizondo told us he has been green-minded since the 1960s. “The environment is not separate from me,” he said, wishing others would recognize that “you aren’t separate from other living things.”


Eric Roberts has been green even longer. “I’ve been aware of it since I was a child -- it always made sense to me,” he said. “We have solar, drive a hybrid, we recycle. If you’re going to be on the earth, you have to play by the rules.” Stacy Keibler, who has a recurring role on the upcoming ABC sitcom In the Motherhood, recycles and put her lights on dimmers. “If everybody can do something small, it will make a difference,” she believes.


“What do I do for Mother Nature? I try to protect her every way I can because Mother loves me and I gotta love Mother back. We all have to,” Ben Vereen said at the NAACP Image Awards nominees luncheon. “Let’s recycle together to shield the planet.”

“We do a lot of recycling, turning the heat down. We try to conserve,” American Idol judge Randy Jackson said before dashing off to host the event.

The Young & The Restless’ Nia Peeples (pictured at right) lives an eco-conscious life at the beach, where she and her daughter often pick garbage out of the ocean while surfing. “Her school is very conscientious. We’ll get everyone together, get gloves and baggies and dig through the sand and pick stuff up,” noted Peeples, who’s developing a reality TV series about parent-teen relationships and writing a book influenced by her multi-racial ethnicity.

For Wendy Davis, now shooting her third season of Army Wives, in which she plays a new mom about to be deployed to Iraq, being green “starts with little things like bringing your own bag to the grocery store and using recycled paper products. And I also check packaging to see it if it’s a company that’s environmentally friendly,” she said.

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