Kate Hudson, whose blond mane is one of her trademarks, has gotten into the hair care business -- with an environmentally friendly mission. She has partnered with her hair stylist David Babaii to develop a line of professional hair products that are free of sulfates, paraffin, and animal products and are not tested on animals. A percentage of the profits from the line, David Babaii for WildAid, will go to benefit WildAid’s global wildlife conservation efforts. “I wanted to do a product that was natural and affordable,” says Hudson. “I work really close with my hairdresser and we had this idea to do a professional product in a mass market. I think we need to be making products that are more conscious now,” she believes. “It’s more than just a statement, but the way it should be.”

Hudson -- and her hair -- will next be on view in the comedy Bride Wars, in which she and Anne Hathaway star as best friends whose weddings are inadvertently booked at the same time and place, which turns them into a pair of ultra-competitive bridezillas. “It’s so easy to pit women against each other and get carried away with the cattiness and pettiness and stereotypes of how women handle a lot of situations,” Hudson, also a producer on the movie, concedes. “We’re all a little guilty of going a little crazy sometimes and getting stressed out, but I also think women are great at being self-deprecating and making fun of themselves and we don’t get that opportunity as actors to do that often because there aren’t really that many female-driven comedies.”

Ultimately, she says, “It’s about friendship and honoring your friends and the importance of having those people in your life. None of these things matter if you don't have your girls.”  Bride Wars hits theaters Jan. 9.



Daniel Craig is doing his part, no matter how small, to reduce his carbon footprint. Famously known for driving a tricked-out Aston Martin as James Bond, Craig is car-less off screen. “I’m flying around the world most of the time, so I don’t have a car,” he explains. “And I recycle.”

Craig’s latest movie is a departure from Bond, though he’s still toting a gun. In Defiance, the British actor plays the leader of a band of Jewish partisans who escaped the Nazis and lived and fought in the forests of Belarus during World War II. It’s based on the true story of the Bielski brothers, who ultimately saved 1,200 people from certain death by the war’s end. “These people went through hell and came out intact,” says Craig. “It’s an amazing story that needs telling.”


Defiance opens Dec. 31 in New York and L.A. and elsewhere Jan. 16.

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