Nickelodeon’s 22nd annual Kids’ Choice Awards was a greener than usual affair, and not just because of the many celebrities showered in neon green slime. Environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio became the first recipient of the Big Green Help award, presented by Cameron Diaz, and he had some wise words for the junior audience. “Our Mother Earth is hurting and she needs a generation of thoughtful, caring and active kids like you to protect her for the future,” he told the crowd. “You are the future.”

On the orange carpet before the show, singer Colbie Caillat (“Bubbly”) talked about her own green efforts. “I’m learning to be more aware about it,” she said. “I live in Santa Monica where everybody is trying to be green and I can learn from that. I’m thinking about getting a Prius,” she noted. She has also stocked up on eco-friendly supplies. “My friend started a company that makes cleaning products that are chemical free and good for the environment.” 

Caillat is currently working on an album called Breakthrough for August release.


Los Angeles native Amber Tamblyn found a new way to be green while living in New York to shoot her new ABC series The Unusuals: public transportation. “I take the subway, I walk, I bus. I don’t ever take a cab,” says the actress, who segued from Joan of Arcadia to the ensemble cop drama as a detective she deems “a lot like me. She’s a smartass and kind of tough and tomboyish.” The show, premiering Apr. 8 at 10 PM, has procedural elements, “but the cases are secondary to the characters and trying to figure out their pasts, their secrets, things they are hiding. It’s more about the people.”

Tamblyn, who’s also a “big recycler” and uses CFL bulbs at home, will be seen in the Michael Douglas thriller Beyond a Reasonable Doubt later this year, and next shoots the ensemble drama Main Street with Patricia Clarkson, Ellyn Burstyn, Orlando Bloom and Colin Firth.


When it comes to environmental causes, Grammy-winning singer Joss Stone lets the music do the talking. Stone, who’ll release her fourth album, Colour Me Free, this summer, donates proceeds from concerts and songs to charities like Greenpeace. “This year I’m making hair dyes with Manic Panic and the green color will benefit Greenpeace,” says Stone.

She’ll make her acting debut on Showtime’s The Tudors this season, playing Henry VIII’s German-born fourth wife, Anne of Cleves, and while she had to remove her nose ring and cover her tattoos with makeup for the role, she didn’t have to do research. “I live in England,” she reminds. “I went to school and they taught us about Henry and all of the wives.”

Stone had originally auditioned to play wife #3, Jane Seymour, but a tour conflict nixed her casting so she asked to be considered for the historical drama’s third season, which premieres Apr. 5 at 9 PM.


Comedian Carol Leifer wrote for Saturday Night Live, Larry Sanders, Seinfeld and her own standup act, and now she has put her comedic talents to paper as the author of a hilarious and very personal essay collection called When You Lie About Your Age the Terrorists Win, subtitled Reflections on Looking in the Mirror and covering everything from aging, relationships and sexuality to bad plastic surgery, high school reunions, and technology overload. Leifer, previously not an animal person, also writes about several transformations: once married, she now lives with her female partner and their seven rescue dogs and adopted son, and became a vegan a year and a half ago. She keeps her Santa Monica household as green as possible.

“We’re very big on recycling and watching our water consumption. I always feel uncomfortable at Coffee Bean or Starbucks when they have all those cups and cardboard and no recycle bin. I’m surprised that these places aren’t greener. A lot of times we take the stuff home and recycle it,” says Leifer, who buys organic products for her toddler son and uses chemical-free cleaners. “We got rid of the industrial stuff. We use vinegar and water.”

Leifer, who’ll sign copies of her book at Barnes & Noble at The Grove on Apr. 18, has a role in the Adam Sandler-Judd Apatow comedy Funny People, out July 31, and will guest on Curb Your Enthusiasm this fall.

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