Mad Men, the multiple Emmy nominated drama returning to AMC for its third season on Aug. 16, is set in the shark tank that is the Madison Avenue advertising world, but one of its stars is more concerned about sharks of another sort. “I’m involved with Oceana and I’m saving the sharks single-handedly because no one else will help me,” says January Jones, who plays the increasingly unhinged Betty Draper. “They’re the top of the food chain in our ecosystem and our oceans will die without them. I think they’re fascinating creatures and I want to stop the slaughter of them for shark fin soup, in China mainly.” Jones plans to go to Washington in October to urge the Senate to pass a bill that would make illegal the import of sharks without their fins intact.

“We drive a Tahoe hybrid -- it’s a big family car and we all fit in it,” said Joely Fisher (Til Death), attending the Teen Choice Awards with her daughters and niece. “We drove a hydrogen BMW for a while. They let us have it for a month.” Buying wasn’t an option: “They cost half a million dollars.”

Fully aware she was “not the demographic” for the Fox honorfest, Fisher won mommy points when her girls met teen idol Zac Efron. The event was green from the grassy carpet up -- solar panels powered the press area, the food was organic and local in origin, and even the gifting-suite was eco-friendly. Rachel Hulan of Path Design decorated the Bop It Celebrity Retreat with furniture reclaimed from industrial warehouses, wall hangings consisting of painter’s drop cloths and organic fabrics, and natural fiber seating.

Stars picked up gift bags and goodies like Bejeweled crystal-embellished tee shirts, including a Tweety Bird shirt reading ‘Green is Glam,’ while giving back -- they decorated and signed backpacks for City of Hope that will be given to pediatric patients.


With its latest installment set in Las Vegas, Bravo’s cooking competition Top Chef is making an effort to be more eco-conscious. “There’s a vegetarian challenge, and there’s also a challenge with fish that has to do with sustainability and what are the right fish to cook at this time,” says host Padma Lakshmi, a New Yorker whose own kitchen “has always leaned towards eco-friendliness even without meaning to. It’s not a new thing for me,” she says. “I reuse all kinds packaging from plastic yogurt containers to whatever comes through. I take my own shopping bags to the Essex Street market in Union Square, where I get my produce, and take my own bottles and refill them with the olive oil I buy there.” Top Chef: Las Vegas premieres Aug. 19 at 10 p.m.


Planet Green debuts the documentary Acid Test: The Global Challenge of Ocean Acidification, about the affect of pollutants on marine life, on Aug. 12 at 10:30 p.m.


“Everybody’s gotten smart and recycles now. I do little things. I don’t leave the house lights on,” says JC Chasez, a judge on the second season of the MTV competition Randy Jackson Presents: America’s Best Dance Crew. The new season moves beyond hip-hop, according to Chasez. “It’s about range and variety, it’s definitely a more diverse show.” Chasez has two movies in the can, the action movie Kerosene Cowboys in which he plays a fighter pilot taken hostage, and 21 and a Wake-Up, about doctors and nurses in the Vietnam War. “I play a surgeon, based on a real doctor,” he says. Beyoncé guests on Dance Crew’s opener, premiering Aug. 16 at 9 p.m.

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Additional photo credits: Joely Fisher by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images; Padma Lakshmi by F. Scott Schafer/Bravo, and JC Chasez by Splash News.