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Benefiting Habitat for Humanity, The Nature Conservancy and Heal The Bay, Fox’s Fifth Annual Eco-Casino Party was an environmentally friendly, carbon neutral affair, from the LED lighting, reclaimed and recyclable materials, e-invitations and biodiesel power, to the local and organic menu and Ford Fusion and Escape hybrids the stars arrived in. “I’m trying to be greener,” said Bones star David Boreanaz, noting that his co-star Emily Deschanel gifted his newborn daughter with some organic baby goodies. Otherwise, CFL bulbs light his home, and he’s growing tomatoes, onions, scallions and herbs like chives, basil and oregano in his backyard: “I’m an official garden guy now.”

On set, Bones, which was awarded the Green Seal at the 2008 Environmental Media Awards, the crew uses reusable water canteens, materials are distributed electronically, and location managers who don’t own hybrids are given a leased Prius. Deschanel also drives one on the show, which returns for season five Sept. 17 at 8 PM.

“I recycle. I try not to drive everywhere. I drive a hybrid. I try to be mindful,” said House actress Olivia Wilde. “As long as we keep it a priority in our lives we’re on the right track.” The show’s titular medic is still in a mental institution as the sixth season begins Sept. 21 with a two-hour premiere. “The rest of us are dealing as best we can,” Wilde adds.

Most of the Glee cast was on hand to gamble for prizes and celebrate the success of the show. Jane Lynch told us about the green renovation she’s doing on her home, including heating from hot water instead of forced air. “We’re going to be certified. It’s not that cost-prohibitive to be green. There are so many things you can do that cost the same or just a little bit more,” she noted. “I live in the canyons so I have a nice cross breeze. I’ll still get air conditioning but I will use it much less.” Also a composter and recycler, Lynch has missed playing the cheerleading coach (and choir nemesis) since production wrapped in July. “What I love about this character is her absolute belief in herself and her entitlement to being the winner. She doesn’t doubt herself for a second.”

The first of two Glee cast albums will be out Nov. 3, and Cory Monteith (pictured with Lynch, left) is particularly excited that it includes Queen’s “Somebody to Love.” “To get the opportunity to sing Freddie Mercury is just stunning,” he said. We caught up with his castmate Mark Salling at the Padres Contra El Cancer fundraiser, where Salling told us he recycles and saves energy by having no air conditioning. “I bought my mom a Trader Joe’s grocery bag that she can reuse. I’m reducing my mom’s carbon footprint.” Hosted by George Lopez and Eva Longoria Parker, the event raised money for cancer-stricken kids and their families. Lopez and Parker reteam as hosts of the ALMA Awards on ABC Sept. 18.

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