Matt Damon has launched a water bottle campaign at, the charity he co-founded, to help some of the 884 million people who lack access to clean, safe water. "I think what resonates with me most is when you see people living without clean water and they're forced to scavenge for water and basically use up all of their time just doing that," Damon said. "You realize that they're in such a crippling cycle of poverty; it's just a death spin that they can't possibly get out of." $10 from sales of each limited edition CamelBak Groove reusable water bottle will go directly to


"We have solar panels on our house. I grew up in Oakland and we started recycling early on. I had that in my upbringing, gardens and everything. It comes from a pure place for me," says Russell Hornsby, now starring in NBC's "Grimm." The former "Lincoln Heights" cop is playing a detective in the Friday night sci-fi/crime procedural drama, and finds the roles dramatically different. "'Lincoln Heights' was very much about this familiar atmosphere, a normal reality. We're looking for demons," he compares, noting that he jumped at the chance to "step out of my comfort zone" to play the four-times-married Hank Griffin. "'Lincoln Heights' set the bar very high," he concedes, "but I'm very optimistic."


"Bones" won an EMA Award in 2010 for an episode about factory farming, and while there isn't an environmentally themed plot in the first six episodes of this season, already in the can, there might be one in the second half, says creator Hart Hanson. He notes that star Emily Deschanel, a vegan, is always encouraging on that score. When the drama returns to Fox on Nov. 3 for its seventh season with a story about a murdered amnesiac, Deschanel's five-months-pregnant Temperance "Bones" Brennan and Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) navigate prospective parenthood and the issues that come with it, like where to live. "Last year was about the team pulling apart," says Hanson. "This year is about them coming together more and more as a family," with their own new families. Angela and Hodgens' (Michaela Conlin and T.J. Thyne) infant son appears in the premiere, and in the second episode, a competitive eating-themed story airing Nov. 10, we learn the sex of Bones' baby. Off screen, Deschanel gave birth to a boy named Henry on Sept. 21 and will be on maternity leave until December.


Tune in: PBS' "Nature" explores the homemaking habits of wildlife in "The Animal House," premiering Nov. 2.

Launching Nov. 6, Smithsonian Channel's new series "Trashopolis" examines the garbage littering the landscape of the world's cities — and how it shaped them, starting with New York City in the opener.

"Amazonia: Healing With Sacred Plants," a documentary about the plants with medicinal properties found in the Amazon jungle and the indigenous healers who administer them, will be available on DVD Nov. 8.

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