"I am recycling at home. I'm trying to be as green as I can possibly be. I just bought some underwear in recyclable packaging," says Christian Slater, who also conserves on the set of his Fox comedy "Breaking In" by getting his scripts electronically. "I use my iPad so I don't use any paper. It's the way to go. I use [the app] GoodReader."

Slater, whose drama series "My Own Worst Enemy" and "The Forgotten" didn't make it before "Breaking In" got a second season pickup, "felt like Goldilocks, trying on different outfits — NBC was a little too this, ABC was a little too that, and Fox was just right." He loves the addition of Megan Mullally to the cast this season as the head of the company that takes over his security firm. "She brings a great deal of comedic talent. No question that she is a comedic genius," praises Slater, noting that co-star Odette Annable, who also stars on "House," will be in the first few episodes. "I'm sure we'll find some creative way to have her disembark," he says.

Slater has several films in the can and is especially jazzed about "Bullet to the Head," a December 2012 release directed by Walter Hill and starring Sylvester Stallone. "I'm the guy who has all the information that Stallone and his partner need to get and they need to beat it out of me," he details. "It was fun to go a few rounds with Rocky."


Lucy Lawless ("Spartacus: Vengeance") was arrested with six other Greenpeace activists in New Zealand for refusing to leave an oil drilling ship, the Noble Discoverer. As part of a "Save the Arctic" campaign, they were attempting to prevent it from heading to Alaska to drill wells for Shell Oil. They have been released on bail. Lawless told the Associated Press why she felt compelled to take action. "I've got three kids. My sole biological reason for being on this planet is to ensure that they can flourish, and they can't do that in a filthy, degraded environment," she said. "We need to stand up while we still can."


Tune in: Naturalist Casey Anderson embarks on a mission across North America to capture rare footage of rare and endangered species in Nat Geo Wild's new series "America the Wild," premiering March 11 with "Wolverine King," followed by "Grand Canyon Safari" on March 12 on its regular night and time.

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Ecollywood: Odds and ends 3/7/2012
Christian Slater recycles, Lucy Lawless protests, Naturalist Casey Anderson embarks on 'America the Wild.'