"They recycle everywhere in Vancouver. Everywhere you go, every building has a recycling stand," observes Ryan Johnson, who shot season two of USA's Friday night series "Fairly Legal" there. At home in Sydney, Australia, "My wife Tamara and I have an herb garden and we recycle. We carry our own drink bottles and we do our best to utilize public transport."


In "Fairly Legal," Johnson plays trial lawyer Ben Grogan, a materialistic sort who joins the firm and clashes with Sarah Shahi's altruistic mediator Kate. "I'd been coming to L.A., trying to get work and this time I scored. I was trying for a play at home and didn't get it so I thought I'd come here and see how it goes and it worked out," explains Johnson. "It's the first time I've had to use an American accent that much. I have to be careful with certain words."




"Dancing With the Stars" judge and cat lover Carrie Ann Inaba has created a Web series called "Crib Cat" in an effort to find homes for shelter cats. You can check out a profile of the first hopeful adoptee by clicking here.




Tune in: Premiering March 31 with two back-to-back episodes, Nat Geo Wild's new series "Wild Scene Investigation" explores mysterious creature sightings and unexplained animal occurrences, such as a wild boar and badger wreaking havoc at a U.K. golf course and a big cat terrifying locals in the English countryside.


On PBS' American Experience, "Grand Coulee Dam" chronicles the creation of the hydroelectric power and the legacy of the irrigation project that provided energy and created farmland but deprived native people along the Columbia River of the salmon they depended on for their livelihood and existence. It premieres April 3.


What's 48 feet long, weighs one and a half tons and makes the giant anaconda look like an inchworm? Paleontologists discovered the fossil of the largest snake that ever lived in a Colombian coal mine, and the enormous creature is the subject of "Titanoboa: Monster Snake," premiering on Smithsonian Channel in a two-hour special April 1.


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Ecollywood: Odds and ends 3/29/2012
Our weekly eco-celeb roundup: Ryan Johnson recycles, Carrie Ann Inaba saves cats.