With a fun birthday theme and the de rigueur cake and toys to go with it, the 2012 GBK Kids' Choice Awards Nominees and Presenters Gift Lounge had a festive atmosphere and a prominent giving back element, represented by its charitable partners. The American Cancer Society (cancer.org) got celeb attendees to sign a poster for auction and record "Happy Birthday" messages while selling wrapping paper (also available online) to raise funds. The Dream Center (dreamcenter.org) gathered signatures on a skateboard designated for auction and promoted its community services for the poor, homeless and victims of abuse and trafficking, and the Model Citizen Fund (modelcitizenfund.com) displayed the backpack containing 150 items ranging from food to hygiene, clothing and safety items it donates to homeless shelters and people in need on the street.


The wide range of vendors included everything from Bratz dolls to Sabra hummus, ImPress press-on nails to Ematic Electronics headphones and MP3 players, and our favorite, the yummy-smelling natural body products from Sweet Dream Girlz (sweetdreamgirlz.com), founded by Arizona sisters Brea, 18, and Halle Holmes, 12, for girls with sensitive skin. The paraben-free products are made from shea butter, goat milk and natural oils in fragrances like chocolate chip cookie, lemon cookie and pink sugar.




Tune in: The fight against invasive reptile species in the Florida Everglades and elsewhere continues April 6 with the return of Nat Geo Wild's series "Python Hunters," and on Nat Geo Channel, "Shark Men" premieres its third season April 7 with an expedition to the Revillagigedo Islands to track and tag tiger sharks.


Animal activist Betty White hosts the new NBC series "Off Their Rockers," in which seniors pull hidden-camera pranks on the young, premiering April 4, and the PBS "Nova" special "Hunting the Elements," hosted by David Pogue, premieres April 4.


"Food Forward: Urban Agriculture Across America," a documentary series about the people striving to create a more sustainable food system, premieres in Los Angeles on KOCE and other PBS stations in major markets across the country on April 5.


This week Current TV's "The Young Turks with Cenk Uygur" is airing a climate change series called "The Heat is On," and the April 5 installment features The Maldives and an interview with filmmaker Jon Shenk discussing his new documentary "The Island President: and how the islands are threatened with extinction by global warming. Read more here.


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