"I am a recycling Nazi," says Becca Tobin, who joined the cast of "Glee" this season as Kitty. "I'm the girl who asks where you are putting a plastic bottle. I also try to cut out buying bottled water so I use a Brita filter. I wanted a Prius, but that didn't work out, because I had to get a car quickly," she adds. "But my next car will definitely be a hybrid."


Her castmate Melissa Benoist (Marley) supports environmental charities. "I donate monthly to the Wildlife Conservation Society, and at Christmas I make an even bigger donation. I've been doing that the last couple years, and I love what they do."


Tune in: The Black Eyed Peas' Will.i.am will guest on "Katie" on Oct. 25 to discuss his latest green initiatives with Katie Couric, including Ekocycle, his collaboration with Coca-Cola for an eco-friendly line clothing and accessories.


Though they don't have powers like Harry Potter's Hedwig, snowy owls are still fascinating, as depicted in PBS' "Nature: Magic of the Snowy Owl," premiering Oct. 24. The film follows a family of Arctic owls in Alaska as they raise their babies and teach them to fly.


Nat Geo Wild presents "Monster Bash," a pre-Halloween marathon of freakish creatures beginning at noon on Oct. 28. Programs include "Zombie Sea Lions," "Zombie Alligators," "Antzilla," "Dragonzilla," "Croczilla," "Snakezilla," and "Hogzllla," followed by "World's Deadliest: 8-Legged Killers" and the premiere "Super Spider."


Premiering Oct. 25, History Channel's two-hour special "What's the Earth Worth?" tallies the values of the globe's resources.


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Ecollywood: Odds and ends 10/24/2012
New 'Glee' girls, Will.i.am, snowy owls and creepy creatures.