The Thirst Project's wine tasting fundraiser Wine into Water raised awareness and money for building fresh water wells in developing countries, and Project founder Seth Maxwell pronounced it a rousing success. "The event was great! We have such a wonderful, richly supportive group of people in Los Angeles who make what we do possible, so we love having events that keep our community engaged in what's happening in the life of the organization, and keep the momentum and excitement from the Gala moving forward all year long. That's what these quarterly events do. I wouldn't say that these events are 'smaller,' because they still draw out several hundred people, but they require significantly less stress out from our team to make happen, and are a great way to keep our base active. We raised $9,000, which we will use to fund new water projects in Uganda."




Tune in: It's dangerous creatures in the spotlight on Nat Geo Wild, with Bengal tigers as the subject of "Man V. Monster: Man-Eating Menace" on Nov. 9, dangerous encounters with bears, sharks, snakes and crocodiles in "Predators in Paradise" on Nov. 12, and more sharks in "Stranger Than Nature: Shark Attack Beach" on Nov. 14.


"Mankind: The Story of All of Us" is an ambitious 12-hour miniseries about the evolution human civilization, premiering on History Channel Nov. 13.


PBS Nature's "An Original DUCKumentary" follows a family of wood ducks to provide insight into behavior, reproduction and migratory habits. Paul Giamatti narrates the film, which premieres Nov. 14.


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Ecollywood: Odds and ends 11/12/2012
Weekly green entertainment roundup: The Thirst Project's Water Into Wine fundraiser; Man V. Monster: Man-Eating Menace, Predators in Paradise, 'Mankind' and mor