Longtime eco-activist and Oceana founder Ted Danson has put his passion for the world's waters on paper in his just-published first book, "Oceana: Our Endangered Oceans and What We Can Do to Save Them." Written with Michael D'Orso and beautifully illustrated with 150 color photographs, the book is the culmination of over 25 years of tireless work on behalf of ocean conservation. Danson addresses such issues as the impact of overfishing on food supply, the depletion of swordfish, marlin and blue fin tuna populations; erosion of coral reefs; and the effects of carbon emissions, climate change and offshore drilling on ocean ecosystems, pointing out possible dire consequences but also remaining optimistic. "Our oceans can bounce back if we make some necessary changes," he says. "We still have time to solve this problem."


"We use filtered water, we have a system. It's not perfect but we try," says Liya Kebede, who has also switched to eco-friendly light bulbs. The supermodel turned actress ("Lord of War," "The Good Shepherd") stars in the screen adaptation of model turned women's rights activist Waris' Dirie's best seller "Desert Flower," the story of a journey that took her from the Somalian desert, where she was genitally mutilated and fled an arranged marriage, to indentured servitude and homelessness in London before she was discovered by a photographer and became a runway star and covergirl. "I loved how she never becomes a victim," says the Ethiopian-born Kebede, whose clothing and accessories line, Lemlem, employs weavers and artisans in her native country. She'll be seen next in "Black Gold," about the 1930s Arabian oil boom, opposite Antonio Banderas and Freida Pinto.


Tune in: The boys are back — "The Fabulous Beekman Boys," that is, the city boys who bought a farm and became beloved reality stars thanks to Planet Green. Season two of the series premieres March 22 with back-to-back episodes about containing their unruly llama and taking a road trip to pick up a quartet of lambs, with the usual conflict between full-time farmer Brent, and Josh, who's still reluctantly commuting between the farm and his advertising job in Manhattan.

Photos: Ted Danson courtesy Oceana, Liya Kebede courtesy National Geographic Films

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