More than 500 moms and moms-to-be learned about raising healthier children at Pregnancy Awareness Month’s kickoff event at the rustic Coldwater Canyon headquarters of environmental nonprofit Tree People, where they could sample organic food, visit eco-friendly vendor booths, and get pampered with facials and massages. Celebs on hand included Amy Smart, a non-mom who came to support her friend, PAM co-founder Anna Getty. A dedicated environmentalist, Smart is currently working with Environment California to try to get single-use plastic bags banned in the state, and as chair of the Environmental Media Association’s Young Hollywood board, she’s involved in a school garden project in L.A. “We have 10 gardens in low-income schools all over the city. We’re trying to build more and raise awareness and give kids the opportunity to learn about nature,” explained the actress, who is cultivating her own organic vegetables at home, growing carrots, kale, Swiss chard, tomatoes, squash and sweet corn. Otherwise, she shops for organic produce at the farmers market. “I’m all about eating healthy,” she said.

Smart is devastated by the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. “It’s going to destroy Louisiana. It’s so sad, so horrific. This is why we can no longer drill [offshore],” she declared.

Work-wise, she is waiting to hear if the John Wells medical drama pilot she did for CBS will be picked up. She plays a physician’s assistant in the ensemble that also stars Sissy Spacek, Janeane Garofalo, Skeet Ulrich and Jay Hernandez. She has two indie films in the can, a noir thriller due this fall called "Columbus Circle" with Giovanni Ribisi, Selma Blair and Jason Lee, and the mystery "Dylan’s Wake," opposite Nick Stahl and Rose McGowan.

Balthazar Getty (pictured right) was also there to support Getty, who is his sister. “Anything I can do to support her,” said the "Brothers & Sisters: star, who sported a LIV GRN T-shirt. “If all of us do something small it will really make a difference. So we’ve eliminated plastic bottles in the house, and of course recycling. And we drive a couple of hybrids. It’s about the consciousness and giving back to the planet as much as we can.”

Looking ahead to the "B&S" season finale on May 16 on ABC, Getty promises “a cliffhanger with regard to my character. You don’t know whether he’s staying or going.” While his character will likely stay put, Rob Lowe, who has decamped to NBC’s "Parks & Recreation", won’t return next season. Getty is also eagerly awaiting the release of the indie film "Struggle". “We shot it in 10 hours with five cameras. None of the actors knew each other until we were in the scene,” he noted.

"Bachelorette" alumna Trista Sutter (pictured left) flew in from Colorado with husband Ryan and their two kids to help promote Jessica Denay’s "A Hot Mom to Be Handbook: Look and Feel Great From Bump to Baby," for which she wrote the foreword. Even more environmentally aware now that she’s a mother, Sutter recycles, unplugs idle electronics, buys organic produce, meat and dairy, and uses eco-friendly Seventh Generation household products. Her reason? “There are 87,000 chemicals out there and only 200 are regulated.”

Sutter, who still watches "The Bachelor/Bachelorette" despite the failure of most of its matches, credits her relationship’s staying power to commitment. “We put work into it and maybe they weren’t ready,” she muses. She advises new bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky, who debuts on May 24, to “Enjoy the experience and try to get as much time to yourself as you can. You won’t have a lot, so take advantage of it.”


The Lollipop Theater Network’s 2nd Annual Game Day drew scores of young stars to Nickelodeon Animation Studios to play giant-size versions of their favorite games. Rico Rodriguez and Nolan Gould of ABC’s hit "Modern Family" were among them. “We always recycle bottled water and when my mom cuts my hair I tell her to turn off the water so we don’t waste,” said Rodriguez (pictured right). His co-star Gould told us his family also recycles, composts for their garden, and conserves water by taking tub baths instead of showering — in the same bath water. “Luckily my family is pretty clean,” he said.

This week’s episode of "Modern Family" kicks off a two-parter in which the clan goes to Hawaii, with part one at the airport and part two in the tropics. It was the first time there for both boys, and Rodriguez pronounced it “awesome. I got to go swimming a lot, go to the beach, and I had my first virgin piña colada,” he declared. Gould’s experience was slightly less fabulous. “I went snorkeling an hour before work and hit a rock. I had eight stitches in my knee,” he told us. With the May 19 season finale already shot — an episode about a family portrait — native Texan Rodriguez is waiting to hear if he’ll have a role in "Spy Kids 4", set to shoot in Austin this summer.


Oceana’s latest campaign to save the oceans includes Ted Danson, Sam Waterston, Kate Walsh, January Jones, Anna Torv and Sam Trammell, who shot a public service announcement urging viewers to take an online pledge at to “Be an Ocean Hero.” An anonymous donor will donate $1 for each pledge. “You don’t need fins, a snorkel or a mask to be an ocean hero. Anyone can make a difference — that’s the message of our campaign,” said Danson. “We had a blast putting the spot together, and I hope people get excited about protecting the oceans.”

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