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After six fascinatingly, addictively convoluted seasons, "Lost" comes to a close on ABC May 23 with a 2.5-hour finale following an hour-long retrospective. “There will be a lot of debate about the end of the show, about the meaning of it,” says Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond). “The show raises so many questions that are mythological, Biblical and scientific, but the show that has been about characters and specifically, the aspect of love in their lives,” adds Nestor Carbonell (Richard). “For me, it really was about how they were going to resolve all of these relationships and that was addressed so I was very satisfied with what I got. I was looking for bigger theme answers and I definitely got those.”

When it comes to eco-friendly practices, both tell us they recycle at home. “Doesn’t everyone now?” asks Cusick, though he hasn’t quite been able to give up his gas-powered car.  “I tried to buy a hybrid,” he confides, “but it was so slow. I need a bit of a zip.”

Carbonell concedes that "Lost" raised the bar for future projects. “This show has broken convention, in every single way, and elevated TV. They invented this incredible world that we got to play in. And, we got to shoot in Hawaii, on top of that,” he says.  “How do you top this? When you recognize good writing and you’re lucky enough to get it, like we got to do on "Lost", that’s what I follow.”

* * *

Brian Van Holt with Ian GomezDuring his hiatus from "Cougar Town", which has its season finale on May 19, Brian Van Holt (pictured right with Ian Gomez) will be making waves — literally.  An avid surfer, he’s helping some friends put together a documentary series about building artificial reefs. “I love the ocean and grew up on the beach — it’s my favorite place and it’s important we take care of our oceans and beaches,” he says. “The project helps build reefs to protect beaches and seawalls. These artificial reefs help reinforce the oceans and create waves,” he explains.

Co-star Gomez (at left in photo with Van Holt), who recycles and uses refillable water bottles instead of disposable plastic ones, plans a hiatus “staycation” with his wife Nia Vardalos, since she’s working with Tom Hanks on a movie they co-wrote in which Gomez will also appear. As for "Cougar Town", which might get a name change next season, “Bobby might try to get his act together a little,” says Van Holt of his slacker character. “He won’t succeed, but it will be fun to watch.”

* * *

Colin HanksHanks’ son Colin Hanks ("Roswell", "Mad Men" and pictured left) returns to TV in Fox’s "The Good Guys", a buddy cop dramedy that previews May 19 and 31 and officially premieres June 7. Set in and shot in Dallas and co-starring Bradley Whitford, “it’s opposites attracting and opposing each other in a funny way,” says the actor, who owes Whitford for the job: “He was very instrumental in making sure I was cast.”

As for the double-edged sword of being the son of a beloved Oscar winner, “I always know that it’s going to come up. It’s the lens that everyone seems to look at me through. To try and break that or to step around it can be kind of difficult, but at the same time I’m really more interested in trying to do work that is fun and exciting to me and I don’t really care how other people tend to look at it,” he says, “but it’s not easy.”

Off-screen, the recently married Hanks drives a Prius, uses CFL light bulbs, “I bring bags with me wherever I go, recycle everything I can, and buy products like Seventh Generation,” he notes.  “If the option is there I’ll always go for that.”

* * *

"I try to keep bags in my car for groceries. I do that and we have a good recycling in the city I live in so I try to do that,” says Tom Bergeron, whose "America’s Funniest Home Videos" and "Dancing With the Stars" hosting duties end for the season May 23 and 25 respectively on ABC.  Gratified that "Dancing" “beat 'Idol' — repeatedly” this season, Bergeron won’t speculate whether Evan Lysacek, Nicole Scherzinger or Erin Andrews will take the trophy, though “there is someone I want to win,” he allows. Hypothetically casting next season, he’d love to see William Shatner compete, or “any of the 'Desperate Housewives' or 'Lost' [actors] who are looking for a gig.”

* * *

Ali Fedowtowsky with Chris Harrison“I recycle, do the [CFL] light bulbs, make my kids walk to school …” quips Chris Harrison (pictured right with Ali Fedowtowsky) who returns to host the latest installment of "The Bachelorette" on ABC May 24. With Ali Fedowtowsky from "The Bachelor" in the title role, “This is probably the best season we have done,” declares Harrison, thanks to the personalities and exotic locations like Iceland, Portugal and Istanbul. After the final rose, Harrison will host "Bachelor Pad", a "Bachelor"-meets-"Survivor"-meets-"Big Brother" elimination contest featuring Bachelor/ette alumni, starting Aug. 9. He’ll also host The Scripps National Spelling Bee on June 4, a job he was surprised to get. “I’m the worst speller,” he admits.

Tune In: On June 19, six days before the first anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death, Starz premieres "This is It", the documentary following preparations for his London performances that includes a powerful multimedia presentation of  “Earth Song,” reflecting Jackson’s environmental concerns.

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