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Editor's note: We split this week's Ecollywood column in two. Read the other half, where 'American Idol' alumni offer their eco-tips to MNN readers.

“Our sets are green,” says "Pretty Little Liars" star Lucy Hale, noting use of sustainable materials like bamboo and a ban on plastic water bottles. Prius-driving Hale plays one of four friends hiding big secrets in the ABC Family series, a sort of "Gossip Girl" meets "I Know What You Did Last Summer" mystery based on a popular book series in which a mean girl type (Sasha Pieterse) who’d disappeared a year before turns up dead — but the four continue to receive threatening messages from her. “I’ll be seen in flashbacks,” says Pieterse, who’s an avid gardener. “I love plants and take care of them. I don’t like tomatoes but I grow them — my parents love them.”

In "Pretty Little Liars", premiering June 8, Holly Marie Combs ("Charmed") makes a return to TV as Hale’s mother after a career hiatus in which she had her own three kids. “We are fanatical recyclers in the house. There is not a tiny piece of plastic that goes in the garbage can. And, if there is, I have some sort of radar for it. My 6-year-old has become a recycler, too,” she says. “Now he’s correcting me when I throw something in the wrong container. They learn it in school. I like that they’re already taking responsibility.” Combs also shares her home with several rescue animals. “We have three quarter horses and a mini, three dogs and two cats,” she notes.


A recent Oscar winner made a big impression on Geoff Stults (pictured right). “Watching "The Cove", that changed my life,” says the star of ABC’s "Happy Town", which returns June 2 after a month’s hiatus. “One thing I do without fail is recycle.” Stults, last seen on "October Road", plays the new sheriff in a town plagued by mysterious disappearances. “Tommy is so reluctant to be a hero, he’s very content living in his father’s shadow but his father isn’t there for him anymore, and he’s thrust into it. The fabric of his life is crumbling and he’s forced to be a grownup. That was fun for me,” says Stults. So was the physicality of the role: “There are plenty of opportunities to do action stuff. I’m an athlete and I was excited about that.”


“We have recycling bins that we’re completely adamant about. We’ve been doing it since I got here, five or six years ago,” says Mel B., a.k.a. Melanie Brown, the Spice Girl and "Dancing With the Stars" alumna who’s the new host of Oxygen’s "Dance Your A*ss Off", premiering June 7. Hosting the dance-weight loss competition is a good fit for workout DVD maven Brown, the mother of three including a stepdaughter. “I pick jobs that work around my family. Hosting this show is two days a week so I have time to see my kids,” she says.


Tune in: The third season of Animal Planet’s "Whale Wars" kicks off June 4 with Captain Watson leading three ships on a campaign against whaling in the Antarctic.

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Additional photo credit: Geoff Stults by Bob D'Amico/ABC.