Salma Hayek owns two eco-friendly cars. “I drive a Lexus hybrid, and also have a hybrid in Paris,” where she lives with husband Francois-Henri Pinault and their daughter, Valentina, when she’s not working in Los Angeles. Now playing Adam Sandler’s fashion designer wife in "Grown Ups", Hayek will continue the run of lighter fare she’s been on since "Ugly Betty" and "30 Rock" with an untitled Kevin James comedy and a voiceover role as Kitty, the love interest for Antonio Banderas in the animated "Puss in Boots", their fifth film pairing. “It’s a dream job because I can record anywhere in the world,” says Hayek, who has recorded her lines mostly in a Paris studio. She’s also developing several film and TV projects with her Ventanarosa production company.

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A self-described “recycling fanatic,” Sally Pressman of "Army Wives" (pictured right), who shoots the Lifetime series on a defunct naval base in Charleston, S.C., thinks the state’s recycling programs are sorely lacking. “There are seven forms of plastic, and they only recycle two. The majority of things you get from takeout food are #5 and #6, and they don’t recycle those,” says Pressman, who feels obliged to wash out and save such containers. “I’ve got a cabinet full of them that I could never possibly use but I figure maybe I’ll ship them back in my Prius and recycle them here [in L.A] or something,” says Pressman, who uses energy-saving light bulbs and eco-friendly toilet paper and tissues, but admits she’s reconsidering the latter. “They’re really uncomfortable, not soft, so I don’t know if I can keep that one up,” she confides to MNN.

In "Wives", Pressman plays Roxy LeBlanc, who juggles running a local bar with marriage and motherhood. “I love how she just tells everyone what she’s feeling and she really doesn’t care what other people think. She doesn’t adhere to social rules,” says the New York City native and Yale grad who gets great feedback from military wives. “I hear things like, ‘You got me through my husband’s deployment,’” notes Pressman. “They’re incredibly supportive.”


Though he’s spent the last few months shooting ABC’s "The Gates" in Shreveport, La., Frank Grillo is an eco-conscious Manhattanite. “I live in a green apartment in Tribeca. My apartment building is totally green. Everything is recycled, from the air to the water,” says Grillo, the father of three boys who admits he’s become more eco-aware of late, “as I’ve become older and my kids are getting older. The world is in trouble. We need to do our part.”

Playing the new cop in a gated community full of vampires, werewolves and witches is “a much different thing than I’ve ever done before,” says Grillo of "The Gates", which he compares to “'Twilight' meets 'Desperate Housewives', because it’s got that drama. It unravels at a rate and a pace that makes you want to learn a little bit more, every week, and go along for the ride.”

On the big screen, Grillo will be seen in the mixed martial arts drama "Warrior" with Charlize Theron and Nick Nolte, for which he underwent three months of training, the thriller "Mother’s Day" with Rebecca De Mornay and Jaime King, about “a home invasion that goes bad,” and Wes Craven’s "My Soul to Take", playing a detective chasing a serial killer in the horror flick due out for Halloween.


Tune in: On July 9, the Documentary Channel will show the U.S. television premiere of "The Rainbow Warriors of Waiheke Island", about Greenpeace pioneers in the aftermath of the bombing of the ship Rainbow Warrior in 1985 by the French Secret Service that killed one of their colleagues.

“Twenty-five years from the sabotage of the iconic mother ship, there is a renewed commitment to the rights of Mother Earth,” says survivor Susi Newborn, a former Greenpeace activist and "Rainbow Warrior" crewmember. “Even though the ship is now a reef off the North Island of Aotearoa, New Zealand, you just can't sink a rainbow and her spirit lives on in the next generation of eco-warriors, and those to come.”

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Additional photo credits: Sally Pressman by Justin Stephens/ABC Studios; Frank Grillo by Bob D'Amico/ABC.