As they prepared to ring in the new year Dec. 31 on "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest 2011," Ryan Seacrest and Jenny McCarthy filled us in on their resolutions for the coming year, which include being a little greener.

"I'm big pro environment. My organization Generation Rescue is all about teaching parents to be as green as possible, touring and talking with moms, so [I will] keep teaching and doing what I'm doing," said McCarthy, who also plans to "do everything a little bit more: laugh more, drink more, eat more, have fun more." Making a point of the fact that he was drinking from a glass bottle, Seacrest resolved to continue to do that, and use less plastic. "And I'm going to try not to read my Blackberry during meals. That's a tough one for me."

McCarthy joins longtime "NYRE" host Seacrest as Times Square correspondent for the special, which features musical performances by Ke$ha, Taio Cruz and Backstreet Boys with New Kids on the Block live from New York and Jennifer Hudson, Willow Smith, Ne-Yo, Avril Lavigne, Drake, Jason Derulo, La Roux, Mike Posner, Natasha Bedingfield, Far East Movement and Train in an L.A.-based studio portion hosted by Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas.

"I enjoy being in the middle of all the action on New Year's Eve," said Seacrest. "Everybody in Times Square and everybody watching are all in that great frame of mind and celebrating good things. It really is the center of the universe, and the atmosphere is really spectacular. It's something everyone should experience in person if they can and certainly on television through this show."

For McCarthy, who Seacrest asked to join him after an appearance on his radio show ("I love that there's no filter and I think she can handle everything that comes her way," he explained), it's a return to the kind of event hosting she did for MTV's "Spring Break," albeit way colder than Daytona Beach. Instead of her typical routine of "watching this show and about 12:02 I go to sleep," McCarthy plans to "interview some military men and see who has potential for my midnight kiss," she said, vowing to make up for the unfortunate time she attended a Playboy Mansion party solo and "started the year with nobody to kiss or hug."

Dick Clark will do the final countdown from ABC Studios. "He's allowed me to come in and help him out and each year I try to improve myself so I get the opportunity to come back," said Seacrest. Despite her general dislike of crowds and the airline losing her luggage, McCarthy was excited about her first time in Times Square. "This is a show I grew up watching and have worked with Dick Clark in the past and had such a great experience. I feel honored to be a part of it and hopefully I can make him proud."


As Anna, the beautiful alien whose smile belies a nefarious agenda and whose human skin hides the predatory lizard inside on ABC's "V," Morena Baccarin (pictured right) is literally — albeit secretly — green. But in the eco-sense of the word, the Brazilian actress is actually quite open about being "as green as I can be. I recycle. I buy biodegradable products, like doggie bags. I try to put everything in glass containers rather than plastic ones," she says, "And I try not to put things down the drain that shouldn't be put down there."

Baccarin relishes playing the villainous Anna, more of whose reptilian side will be exposed this season, which premieres Jan. 4. We also meet her presumed-dead mother (played by Jane Badler of the original '80s version of "V"), who Anna deposed and imprisoned until now. She also tortures humans in an effort to eliminate their souls and coerces Ryan (Morris Chestnut) to do her bidding by holding his hybrid daughter hostage and threatening her with harm. "I feel like the producers are revealing just enough to keep people coming back for more. Things like seeing what the Vs look like will keep the audience interested. But I think we have to keep up the mystery," Baccarin believes. "If we reveal too much, we don't have a place to go." One thing that will please viewers frustrated by pre-emptions, repeats and the show's long hiatus: "ABC is planning on airing them straight through this time around," she promises.


Tune in: "Hot in Cleveland," the TV Land sitcom starring animal rights champion Betty White, offers viewers a New Year's Day marathon Jan. 1 from 8 p.m. till midnight, concluding with a special featuring bloopers, interviews, highlight moments and a preview of season two, which premieres Jan. 19.

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