Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher is proudly raising a green child. Single mom to Emerson Rose, 11, Hatcher takes a cue from her daughter’s school recycling program and follows suit at their home. “We always recycle, we changed our light bulbs, and we unplug our things when we’re not using them,” says Hatcher, who plays a triple voiceover role in the new 3D stop-motion animation movie Coraline opening this week, in which Emerson also has a cameo speaking part.

“I’m very much not a believer in children working, but I also believe in opportunity, in children having experiences,” says Hatcher, noting that her ghost tale-loving daughter was intrigued with the Coraline story. Director Henry Selick asked Emerson to record a few lines -- with no guarantee they’d be used -- when she accompanied her mom to the recording studio.

Hatcher used different postures to help her get the right tone of voice for the three characters she plays -- Coraline’s real mother, the fantasy world ‘other mother,’ and the evil demon the latter morphs into. The latter scared some of the kids at an early screening she held for Emerson’s friends and their parents. “After the movie was over one of the kids went, ‘Well, no more sleepovers at Hatcher’s house!’”

It was a well-timed joke, but Hatcher agrees that the movie could scare very young or easily upset children, though she agrees it’s worth seeing for its family values, “as opposed to some of the scary trash that’s out there on the Internet or video games,” she points out.


Dakota Fanning, who voices the 11-year-old title character in Coraline, turns 15 Feb. 23 and is looking ahead to a year from now when she can drive -- she’s already thinking about getting a hybrid car. Asked what issues she hopes President Obama will tackle in the White House, she responds, “The environment is really important,” and she backs that up by turning off unused lights and not leaving the water running at home.

Fanning also stars in the sci-fi thriller Push, also opening Feb. 6. “I’ve never had two movies coming out on the same day,” says the sought-after actress, who, rumor has it, will play the young vampire Jane in the Twilight sequel New Moon. “It’s not for sure, but it would be really cool,” declares the fan of the book series.


Another busy teen star is Demi Lovato, 16, the actress-singer famous to the young set as the star of Disney Channel’s Camp Rock and as the Jonas Brothers’ opening act on tour. Lovato performed for the Obama girls and the first lady at a pre-inaugural concert last month and stars in the new Disney Channel series Sonny With a Chance, set behind the scenes at a sketch comedy show (think teen version of 30 Rock).

“On set, we use double-sided scripts, so it’s less paper, and we don’t have plastic water bottles,” says Lovato, who stays green at home too. “We recycle a lot. My family wasn’t into recycling when we lived in Texas,” she admits. “We weren’t really as aware of it as we are now that we’re in California.”

Sonny, premiering Feb. 8 at 8 PM, isn’t Lovato’s only Disney Channel project -- she’ll star later this year in a Camp Rock sequel and another made-for movie, Princess Protection Program.

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