"We do everything from recycling to using cloth instead of plastic bags, driving a hybrid and using natural products,” says Jennie Garth of 90210, which has its season finale May 19. “I’m very fond of Lycomed and Arcona skin care products. I also use Shaklee. They have some great products like vitamins. My mom used to sell Shaklee when I was a little girl. They have household cleaning, all that stuff,” she says.

Co-star Dustin Milligan drives a rented Camry hybrid, and composts at home. “I’m very conscious of eco-issues. I recycle and compost and I’m trying not to be so wasteful by buying food and products that come in less packaging. Last Christmas, we used newspaper for wrapping and saved a lot of paper.”

Shenae Grimes, also from 90210, drives a Prius and has a recycling bin at home. “Where I’m from in Canada it’s the law so I’m not used to people not doing that here. Global warming is real,” she says. Co-star Michael Stegen brings his own bags to the supermarket and is looking into getting a hybrid SUV. “We waste so much. In the United States alone there’s so much excess. We need to live with less.”


Shooting in New York helps Fringe star Anna Torv (pictured right) decrease her carbon footprint. “I get picked up. I haven’t had a car in years.” With the show renewed for a second season, Torv, who was honored at the Australian Breakthrough Awards in L.A., plans to visit Down Under this summer. “I haven’t been home since I started Fringe so I’m a bit homesick.” In December, she married co-star Mark Valley, who played her now-deceased boyfriend. He’s awaiting word on the pickup of a Fox pilot he’s in called Human Target.

Similarly awaiting the fate of his series, Cold Case, Jonathan LaPaglia goes green by getting around on an electric scooter. “I have a muscle car with an awful carbon footprint, so for anything local I use the scooter. That’s my tradeoff,” says LaPaglia, who also recycles and grows apples, tomatoes, lettuce and herbs in his garden.

Sam Worthington, who co-stars with Christian Bale in Terminator: Salvation and will play the hero in James Cameron’s Avatar in December, goes LaPaglia one better. “I don’t drive a car,” he says. “I walk as much as I can.” Kiersten Warren, who played Nora on Desperate Housewives, buys CFL bulbs and has curtailed her clothes-shopping habit. “I shop my closet or friends’ closets before buying new,” says Warren, who’ll play a woman with size G breasts “and anger issues as a result” on a fall episode of Nip/Tuck. She’ll also star opposite Joan Cusack in the Lifetime movie Acceptance in August.


“Reusable bags. No plastic bottles, and we turn everything off as soon as it can be off,” Stephanie Jacobsen (The Sarah Connor Chronicles) enumerates her green efforts. Set to play a medical student who plays the bills by turning tricks on the new version of Melrose Place, a likely pickup for the CW’s fall schedule, Jacobsen says the set is eco-friendly too. “We each have a water bottle with our name on it and there’s very little paper used.”


“I’m pretty conscious about recycling. I drive a Ford Escape hybrid. I’m so conscious about not throwing anything out because of the landfills that I’ve become a hoarder. I have a broken lamp and there’s no salvaging it but I don’t want it to end up in a landfill so it’s still in my house,” confesses Jessalyn Gilsig (pictured left), who plays a teacher’s wife and compulsive shopper in the fun new Fox musical series Glee, which gets a sneak preview May 19 in advance of its regular berth this fall. “I love to garden and grow lots of vegetables,” she adds, noting that she’s been researching about composting of late.

Dianna Agron, who plays a popular cheerleader in Glee, is also avidly eco-conscious, recycling and taking reusable bags to the store. She eventually plans to trade her Mini Cooper for a hybrid, but that will have to wait at least until she returns from a summer trip to Malawi, where she and a friend will help out Doctors Without Borders. Her co-star Chris Colfer wants a hybrid too, but thinks the ideal cars “would be like sea monkeys, which can live off their own waste.”

Jayma Mays (Ugly Betty), a germophobic guidance counselor in love with the married glee club advisor in the show, is in the midst of a home remodel and is “trying to make it as much of an eco house as possible. We’re making little changes at a time.” She and her husband, Adam Campbell (Harper’s Island) plan to research solar panels. “We could power the whole top floor with solar panels. I’d love to do it because you get a rebate, but I’ve heard conflicting things, like the waste they cause negates the benefit,” he says. “But the architect is keen on doing it.” Campbell won’t say whether he survives the Island (or for how long), but he’s already got another show lined up. He’ll play a computer genius on NBC’s Day One next fall.

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(Photo of Anna Torv and Mark Valley by Gerri Miller and photo of Jessalyn Gilsig by George Holz/FOX.)

Ecollywood: The cast of 90210 goes green
"We do everything from recycling to using cloth instead of plastic bags, driving a hybrid and using natural products," says Jennie Garth of 90210, which has its