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In keeping with Fox’s “Green it. Mean It” campaign, the "Teen Choice Awards" was an eco-friendly event, from its blue carpet made from recycled soda bottles to a colorful modular living wall of plants by Woolly Pocket that were donated to five Los Angeles schools after the show. Solar panels, also later donated to schools, and footstep-triggered POWERleap floor pads under the carpet generated electricity, as did nine cyclists on stationary bikes hooked up to electric fans along the carpet. Energy-saving LED and fluorescent lighting and biodiesel fuel lit and powered the press tent area, where local and organic food was served in biodegradable packaging. All waste was sorted for recycling. And in conjunction with the Global Inheritance Tour Rider Program, attendees who took public transportation to the show received a prize from "Glee", "The Simpsons", "The Good Guys" or "Lie to Me" with proof of a bus or train ticket. 

Celebs arrived by limo and SUV, but were nevertheless happy to discuss their eco-mindedness with MNN. “We recycle,” said soccer star David Beckham, who won his third Teen Choice Award for Choice Athlete. “So many people are doing things around the world to try and help the planet and help our future generations. We do as much as we can and hopefully other people will do as well.” Beckham, who’s been on the disabled list after Achilles tendon surgery, is “running again,” he reported. “I need to get back on the field. I’ve missed it too much.”

Nominated for Choice TV Actress in the action category, "NCIS: Los Angeles" actress Daniella Ruah told us that she recycles, takes reusable bags to the market, tries to avoid driving, which living close to work mitigates, and has started eating organic, something she wasn’t brought up to do in her native Portugal. Playing a strong and capable but still feminine woman in a testosterone-heavy show is a blast for Ruah, who gets a new partner (Eric Christian Olsen) this season, which premieres with a two-hour episode Sept. 21. “There’s definitely a lot of friction going on, a lot of banter,” Ruah told us.


Iqbal Theba, who plays Principal Figgins on "Glee", often walks to work at Paramount Studios and frequently takes public transportation around L.A. “There’s a good bus system in the city,” he pointed out, though cars are still a necessity. “We’re thinking about buying a Honda hybrid,” he said. Glee, which has its season premiere Sept. 21, has provided him with his best role ever as Figgins. “He’s so morally ambiguous. He can be a chicken or a lion, depending on the situation.”

“I make sure I turn off all my lights and try to bike around as much as I can,” said Shay Mitchell ("Pretty Little Liars"), a Vancouver native whose hometown “makes it easy to be green.” She’s heading there for a family visit before going back to the set in September to shoot the second half of the ABC Family mystery drama’s second season. “It only gets crazier and crazier from here,” she promised.

Her co-star Ian Harding (Ezra) lives in an LEED certified green building, where he recycles, uses glass or non-plastic bottles, reuses water when he can, “and if the lights don’t have to be on, they’re not on.”

As for Micah Sloat of "Paranormal Activity," it’s all about respecting nature and eating organic food, something that was admittedly a bit harder to afford before now. “It’s hard to be green when you’re broke,” laughed the actor, who’ll film a movie in Europe this fall. "Paranormal Activity 2" will be released Oct. 22, “and it’s gonna rock people’s faces off,” he predicts.

Before and after the show, celebs visited the Moroccanoil Celebrity Retreat, where guests could designate the sponsor’s charitable donations to either the World Wildlife Fund, Farm Sanctuary, or L.A.’s Much Love Animal Rescue, play the code breaking game Mastermind (the company donated 1280 games to City of Hope’s Children’s Hospital), and pick out an XCite homecoming dress for a girl unable to afford her own while checking out Adidas sneakers, FLIRT! Cosmetics, Vivitar cameras, Palm Pixi, and Texas Instruments calculators.

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