"I try to eat organic produce, no pesticides. The environment is of course a great concern for all of us and being Australian, we're particularly concerned," says Elle Macpherson, who practices "the basics, recycling, the products that we use" at home.


The supermodel turned lingerie mogul is the creator, host and executive producer of NBC's new series "Fashion Star," which has its two-hour premiere March 13. Unlike "Project Runway," which is for couturiers, it aims to find the next great mass market fashion brand, so judges from Macy's, H&M and Saks Fifth Avenue will decide who wins $6 million in orders for collections in those stores.


"It's for every woman and every pocketbook," says Macpherson. "Having this selection of brilliant retailers like we have really allows people from every economic situation to tap into the retailer that works best for them or is best for their lifestyle. One of the things that was very important to us when we were working on this was to create a show that was as much about shopping as it was about fashion and capitalizing on interactive capacities and technologies so that people could actually buy what they were seeing immediately, and that was really, really important to us when we were finding the format because we felt that was new and very relevant to where we are today. It's as much about shopping as fashion."


Fashion mavens Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie and John Varvatos serve as mentors to the contestants on the show. "They have built businesses over many years and have branded themselves in a very intelligent way in the industry, and for them to come and mentor these 14 contestants with grace and skill and experience, it's been fantastic working with them," says Macpherson, who parlayed her modeling fame to her own eponymous lingerie line 21 years ago. "It's doing very well in an economic recession," she reports.


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Elle Macpherson: Fashionably green
Model turned mogul Elle Macpherson hosts and produces 'Fashion Star.'