Since becoming a mother in September 2011, "Bones" star Emily Deschanel has been diligent about finding the safest baby products for her son, Henry. "I am always on EWG's [Environmental Working Group] Skin Deep website looking up products to use on Henry. It rates them so you know how toxic something is," she says. "I love Earth Mama Angel Baby. Their products are safe, smell amazing and actually work! I was already using natural products in my home and on my body, but having a child made me even more concerned about everything. The more you read about the chemicals that are legally allowed in our homes, the more upsetting it can be. The extra effort that it takes is completely worth it, as is using cloth diapers instead of disposables, which we do with Henry. Sometimes the clean up is a pain, but I feel better not contributing to the landfills as most diapers do."

Deschanel is a long-time vegan and is feeding her son a meatless diet. "We are raising Henry vegetarian; he will be mostly vegan and always have a choice in the matter, but we will educate him about why we make the choices we do with our food. My husband isn't one hundred percent vegan. I read 'Disease-Proof Your Child' by Dr. Fuhrman, and think it is a must-read for parents trying to raise a healthy child," she adds.

Deschanel's pregnancy forced the "Bones" writers to change gears and make her character, Temperance "Bones" Brennan, pregnant as well. "They didn't think they could hide it," she says, noting that she feared it would negatively impact the show, but she needn't have worried. Motherhood has broadened the story possibilities for Brannan and her relationship with Booth (David Boreanaz), and she now feels the pregnancy "affected the show in a positive way." Since baby Christine's birth, Bones and Booth are "trying to figure out how to raise a child together and balance that with work. They went from no relationship whatsoever besides platonic — except for their feelings — to a family essentially, living together, raising a child together and working together," she notes, adding that although they still bicker, "They've come to care for each other deeply."

"Bones" won an Environmental Media Award in 2010 for a storyline involving the mistreatment of animals, and the Monday night Fox show has tackled other topical issues, from the exotic animal trade to date rape, veterans' issues and 9/11. "I always push for the animal and environmental issues being highlighted and when it is appropriate it finds its way into the show," says Deschanel.

She would like to direct a "Bones" episode, but "I would just have to wait until my son was big enough that I didn't feel like I had to be with him as much. Right now, I take him with me every day. I see him during my breaks. I'm still practicing as much attachment parenting as possible. I want to put my child first. But it is a goal for me, possibly next season or if we have a tenth season, or maybe both," she muses. "We'll see."

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