On Aug. 29, Hollywood celebs and TV moguls will walk the red carpet at the 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards, their eyes on a golden statue. But behind the scenes, the operative color is green. The massive live production will be as eco-friendly as possible, on stage and backstage at Los Angeles’ Nokia Theatre.

Building the set from recyclable materials such as those provided by Ceilume, the crew is using energy-efficient light bulbs, rechargeable batteries, and transporting themselves, goods and equipment in hybrid or alternative-fuel fans, trucks, cars and forklifts from companies like Sweetwater Digital Productions and Scenic Expressions, whose truck fleets run on biodiesel. Green vehicles are also available to ferry talent to the event in eco-style.

Producers ordered refillable water bottles for the crew, non-aerosol, nontoxic cleaning products for the maintenance staff, and asked the caterers to supply organic, free-range and locally grown food, reusable tablecloths and tableware, and low-emission-fuel grills. The hair and makeup departments have been provided cruelty-free products, encouraged to use organic alternatives, and to recycle empty containers.

In the production office — stocked with dry erase calendars and boards and a water cooler to replace plastic bottles — documents are digitally distributed whenever possible and printed on double-sided recycled paper otherwise. Equipment and lights are turned off when not in use, and all glass, paper, aluminum and plastic are separated for recycling.

After the event, wardrobe and leftover food will be donated, hangers and plastic bags will be returned to the dry cleaners, and any equipment that can’t be donated will be recycled.

"Late Night" host Jimmy Fallon is hosting the Emmys and, although he’s admittedly a little nervous, he’s got his Tom Ford suit and pages of jokes ready to go. “I want this to be a fun party,” he says. “The truth is, an hour and a half into it, 80 percent of the room are losers and I’m clear on that. I’ve been in the room at the Emmys before, and you just want to laugh and want everybody to relax and know it will be fun and fine.”

Emmys going green in 2010
The annual awards ceremony is making a big effort to be eco-friendly this year.