Last year was a dramatic one for the environment: the Gulf oil spill, the earthquake in Haiti and, of course, the winter weather.

Those events unfolded on the small screen for millions of people. Meanwhile, however, the environment also played a large part on the big screen in 2010.

As the Oscars draw closer, we thought we’d take a look at some of the environmental movies from 2010.

Here are 10 of the best environmental films that appeared last year:


Like “Earth” before it, “Oceans” takes an exciting and engaging look the planet, this time focusing on the animals and environment of the sea. While the film allows viewers to dive in and marvel at fish and other creatures, “Oceans” also highlights the environmental challenges that face our oceans and their inhabitants.

'Climate of Change'

A documentary highlighting people from all over the planet who are working within their communities to push against climate change. The film includes a stirring look at the Global Seed Vault in Svalbard, Norway.

'127 Hours'

Nature is not to be taken lightly. “127 Hours” is inspired by the true story of Aaron Ralston, a mountain climber whose hand was pinned by a boulder during a hiking trip in Blue John Canyon. The film vividly depicts Raltson’s self-amputation of his arm with a dull knife.

'The Warriors of Qiugang'

A 39-minute short documentary, this brief look into the life of a small Chinese village chronicles how that village fought against three chemical factories that were poisoning their land and water. You can watch the entire documentary at Yale University’s Web site for free.


This documentary takes a close look at hydraulic fracturing, commonly known as fracking. The film features residents living in communities where fracking occurs, representatives of natural gas companies and footage from Congressional hearings on the practice.

'One Hundred Mornings'

A film about how we might survive if the power grid suddenly shut down. The film unwinds the story of how two couples survive in a world with dwindling resources, roaming crews of looters and suspicions of unfaithfulness. (Note: trailer contains some nudity.)

'Carbon Nation'

Along the lines of “Climate of Change,” “Carbon Nation” looks at what people are doing to slow down or stop global warming. But where “Climate of Change” is a somber and poetic take on the issue, “Carbon Nation” is witty and lively.

'Space Tourists'

Chronicling the journey of a woman who paid $20 million to live in the International Space Station as a vacation, “Space Tourists” also considers the nature of the space race in Russia and Eastern Europe and its impact on the environment.

'Yogi Bear'

A goofy blend of live action and computer animation, “Yogi Bear” has the iconic Hanna-Barbera character doing not only what he does best (scheming to steal picnic baskets) but also trying to protect Jellystone Park from becoming a logging site.

'Furry Vengeance'

Another children’s film, “Furry Vengeance” tackles the issue of deforestation for planned communities. As a forest is about to be leveled to make way for homes and an environmentally themed mall, the animals team up to prevent the destruction of their home.

Did we leave out your favorite environmental movie of 2010? Let us know in the comments.

Environmental movies: The best of 2010
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