On the Toronto-area set of her new NBC drama "Saving Hope," "We have recycling bins and a lot of people bring their own plates at lunch. I sometimes take leftover food from craft services and give away a bunch of sandwiches on my way home," reports Erica Durance. "At home, it's the simple things: not always having lights on, riding my bike. I live in Vancouver — I've been commuting and go home to see my family on the weekends. Vancouver is a very bike-friendly city."

Best known as Lois Lane in "Smallville," Durance segues from a superhero show to a hospital series with a twist in her role as a doctor whose fiancé, a fellow surgeon in a coma following a car accident, appears to her in spirit form. "The absurdity of having a ghost come up and whisper in your ear is kinda creepy," she acknowledges, though she enjoys the mix of medical drama and love story and the tense drama that arises from both. "What do you do when your word is falling apart? How do you hold onto the real and the rational? I think that's very relateable for people," says Durance, who watched surgeries to prepare for the practical aspects. "I tried to take in everything that the doctors were doing. We also have consultants, medical advisors who give you advice and tell you things they would and wouldn't do," she adds. Having real equipment around provides realism but has had another effect on her and the cast. "I'm constantly taking my own blood pressure," she says. "We're all becoming hypochondriacs."

"Saving Hope" premieres June 7 on NBC.

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Erica Durance conserves on set and off
'Saving Hope' star Erica Durance cycles and recycles in Vancouver.