The Associated Press reports that Evander Holyfield has plans to convert some of his 40-acre property in Fayette County, Georgia, into a solar farm. The 47-year-old athlete, still in training for professional boxing matches, wants to spread a message of environmentalism. Holyfield told the AP that, "I guess I'm lean and green. I'm pretty much going to do all I can to fight against global warming. I'll see what I can do to help and try to help other people who want to do the same thing." The boxer has additional plans to plant a one-acre organic garden to teach local youth the importance of sustainable agriculture.

Recently recovering from some financial hardship (the athlete's mansion and future home of the solar farm faced foreclosure several times), Holyfield will partner with Global-NES Georgia to install the solar paneling. According to the The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Holyfield's solar farm would generate power for commercial sale. But the "Real Deal" says money is not his main motivator in the endeavor. The AJC quotes Holyfield saying, "“When you do what’s right, it’s going to benefit you, but it touches more than financial.” Already, the superstar has received a new nickname as a results of his plans: The Lean, Green, Fighting Machine. He is currently taking a time-out from his energy efforts to train for his next opponent, still unnamed, for a November bout in South Korea.