"I'm a very green person. I turn off every light and I recycle," says Joan Rivers, whose style-skewering series "Fashion Police" expands to an hour March 9 on E!.  She believes that "fashion should be laughed at and enjoyed and had fun with, as we do on our show," she says, grateful for people like the Mob Wives, who "make Snooki look like Kate Middleton;" Sarah Jessica Parker, who "hits it 80 percent of the time" but fails big when she does; and any actress who doesn't realize how bad she looks when she leaves the house. "They're so used to seeing themselves look beautiful that they don't get that they don't look good," says Rivers, who also appears with her daughter Melissa in WE TV's "Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best."


"I love Stella McCartney because her pieces are so classic and chic, and whenever I wear any of her handbags or shoes I don't have the guilt that something died for me to wear it," says Kelly Osbourne about the cruelty-free designer, who she favors along with Zac Posen and Miu Miu. For her, fashion has always been "about wearing what I like and what makes me feel good. A lot of the time, that isn't necessarily what other people like so you get a lot of criticism with that, but I think a lot of it is growing up and evolving and becoming the person that you are. It changes," she reflects. She has high praise for her "Fashion Police" cohort Rivers. "She has one of the warmest hearts that you will ever find. People think that she's some kind of black-hearted b*tch because of her jokes, but she's the most generous, warm hearted person, will go out of her way for anybody. She's the first one there and the last one to leave every day. She's the most professional woman that I've ever worked with and I love her. We have so much fun."


When it comes to green living, "We're renting a place right now and it's hard when you're renting an older house. But I always turn the lights off, we recycle everything, we have our big blue bin. We have a garden but I don't really enjoy that so I leave that up to my husband," says Giuliana Rancic, referring to Bill, with whom she appears in "Giuliana and Bill" on the Style Network. Those who follow her on that show know about her struggle with infertility and bout with breast cancer, but she has remained positive and busy, with "Fashion Police" and covering red carpet events. After her mastectomy, "I went back to work in two weeks. Some people thought I was crazy, but it was a good distraction. It was tough when I was recovering at home in bed. My mind was somewhere else, and I knew as soon as my body caught up with my mind I would get right back to work," she says. She's also eager to try again for a baby. "We'd love a child. We've obviously been trying for a while. Hopefully this will be our year."


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Fashionably green: Joan Rivers, Kelly Osbourne & Giuilana Rancic
'Fashion Police' stars Joan Rivers, Kelly Osborne and Giuliana Rancic talk eco-living and style.