In honor of the 80th Annual Academy Awards ceremony, hosted by comedian Jon Stewart, Plenty presents the First Annual Eco Film Awards, as nominated by staffers. These films may not win a golden statue at the Oscars, but they have achieved some serious (and sometimes tongue-in-cheek) green cred. And the winners are...

Greenest Leading Actor


Best Depiction of a Superfund Site

The Simpsons Movie

Best “Conservation” of an Actor or Actress

Eddie Murphy [Norbit]

Best Focus on Local Food


Best Use of Public Transportation

The Darjeeling Limited

Best Voice of an Animal in Peril

Jerry Seinfeld [Bee Movie]

Best Zero-emission Transportation

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Most Hybrids or Smart Cars in an Action Film

The Bourne Ultimatum

Best Global Warming Message

Evan Almighty

Maybe This Film Could’ve Received an Eco Award, but We’ll Never Know Because We Couldn’t Convince Anyone to Go See It

Snakes on a Plane

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First Eco Film Awards
These films achieved some serious green cred.