On the Georgia set of "Footloose," plastic water bottles were replaced with refillable canteens for the cast and crew, "and we tried not to use lids on the coffee cups. It seems like they always filled up our garbage cans and none of us really used them," explains director Craig Brewer. Off set, stars Julianne Hough and Kenny Wormald have found other ways to conserve and be planet-friendly. Hough uses natural and organic hair products that aren't tested on animals, and Wormald recycles "a hell of a lot. My recycle bin is full and my trash is only half full," he says.

The former "Dancing with the Stars" pro and lesser known but equally dance-accomplished Wormald ("Dancelife") were eager to step into the roles of Ariel and Ren in the remake of the movie based on the 1984 Kevin Bacon flick about a southern town where dancing is banned. Hough, who was attached to an earlier version of the movie that was to be made by director Kenny Ortega, had to convince Brewer she was right for the part. "I did a whole scene for him and I basically cried my way into the role. He hired me then, on the spot," she says, gratified that although the new version is fairly faithful to the original, "We got to really make it our own and do the characters how we perceived them, especially for modern day times."

For the trained dancers, the big numbers were less challenging than emotionally charged sequences like the confrontation between Ariel and her reverend dad (Dennis Quaid) in church, and Ren's big speech to the town council. "But it was very real for me. It came naturally to me to say those things and feel those emotions," notes Hough, who has another high-profile musical movie due in June 2012, "Rock of Ages," in which she stars with Tom Cruise, Mary J. Blige and Russell Brand, who'll be her co-star in Diablo Cody's "Lamb of God," set to shoot early next year. She's also working on songs for a new album.  Wormald just signed on for the thriller "Someone in the Dark." "It's sexy and totally different than Ren McCormack," he says. "No dancing."

He and Hough will dance, however, on the Oct. 11 episode of "Dancing With the Stars," performing to Blake Shelton's new version of the "Footloose" theme. Hough will also join her brother Derek in a number.

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