This year, Gayle King made a resolution "To be more diligent with my recycling. I always unplug my Blackberry chargers. And I never take the receipts from the ATM," says King, whose radio show has migrated to OWN, the new network from her BFF Oprah Winfrey. "I'm thrilled that it's live. I think people like seeing the imperfections" King believes. Her guests are a mix of stars, politicians and newsmakers. "I love music. My wish list right now, I'm crazy for Taylor Swift, Katy Perry. I have a wide variety of tastes. I'm a political junkie a news junkie. I will definitely talk about politics because I'm very interested in what's going on in the country."

Rashida Jones' new year's resolutions regularly include something eco-friendly. "Last year I got rid of all plastic bottles. This year I want to make less trash, have a compost," says the actress, who grows basil, rosemary, arugula and tomatoes in her garden. Jones returns Jan. 20 in new episodes of the NBC sitcom "Parks and Recreation," in which she plays Ann, BFF to Amy Poehler's Leslie. "She's sensible, reliable, loyal. I like that she's a good friend. I love the relationship. It's a true friendship."

Jones will also be seen this year in several big screen comedies: "The Big Year" with Jack Black and Owen Wilson, "The Muppets" with Black, Jason Segel and Amy Adams, and "My Idiot Brother," also featuring P&R co-star Adam Scott, with Paul Rudd in the title role. "I'm the girlfriend of the sister of the idiot brother," she says.

Olivia Munn didn't make any green resolutions this year, "because every day I try to get out and do something. One thing I started doing is I keep my shopping bags in the car so I don't have to use paper or plastic at the grocery store." She also logged on to Matt Damon's site and bought BPA-free bottles "for everybody in my family for Christmas. They're more responsible than using plastic bottles," she notes.

Munn ("Attack of the Show," "The Daily Show") stars in the NBC comedy "Perfect Couples," premiering Jan. 20. "It's not about relationships. It's about how people are existing in the world and how we just happen to be three couples who are interacting with each other. You watch the show and you know somebody who's like that or you are that person, and that's what our show is," she says.

She's now filming "I Don't Know how She Does It," playing the colleague and friend of Sarah Jessica Parker, who's dealing with the career vs. family dilemma. "I encourage her to go for her dreams," says Munn.


"We don't have water bottles on set," says Aly Michalka of the cheerleading drama "Hellcats," which returns to the CW with new episodes Jan. 25. "I always recycle and I also try not to waste bags. I try to bring my own." In this half of the season, "There's some really cool storylines with Marti trying to find out who her dad is. She has no idea who he is or if he's alive. He was a musician and she finds a bunch of guitar picks from a certain music store, so she goes to the store and the girl who works at the shop, Deirdre, ends up giving her some information that's really helpful." Michalka's sister A.J., her partner in the singing duo 78Violet, will play Deirdre in three episodes.

Michalka also plays "a crazy, drunk bad girl" in "The Roommate," opening Feb. 4, and will begin recording a new 78Violet record in late spring.

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Four famous women, four green resolutions
Gayle King, Rashida Jones, Olivia Munn and Aly Michalka all have green plans for 2011.