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In the Lifetime romantic comedy-fantasy "Sundays at Tiffany's," premiering Dec. 6, Alyssa Milano's character Jane declares that she's obsessive about recycling. It's something Milano has in common with Jane, a newly engaged woman whose childhood imaginary friend Michael (Eric Winter) re-enters her life — and presents a very real romantic dilemma. "I'm obsessed with everything green. In fact, I just pre-ordered the [Nissan] Leaf," says Milano, eagerly awaiting its February delivery. Her husband has the Chevy Volt on order. After the Gulf oil spill, she explains, she didn't want to contribute to gasoline consumption. "I think it's our responsibility to make the changes that we need to make, regardless of convenience. I know it's more inconvenient to have an electric car, but I'll do what I have to do to have it," she says.

Milano, a vegetarian who has five dogs and 10 horses, "90 percent of them rescues," grows her own vegetables including arugula, spinach, beets, snap peas, green beans, broccoli, cauliflower and tomatoes. "For our one-year anniversary, my husband built me an organic vegetable garden. I'm so obsessed with it," she raves. "We just had our first salad, and it was absolutely scrumptious." She has solar-powered lights in the garden, but doesn't string Christmas lights on the house. "We just have a lit-up wreath on the door."

Milano, who also produced the TV movie, was attracted to the "modern-day fairytale" romance of it and the chance to reunite with two former co-stars, Ivan Sergei ("Charmed") and Winter, with whom she'd made a failed pilot. Although "Sundays at Tiffany's" is set in New York, it was shot in Toronto, but Milano is well acquainted with the real Tiffany's jewelry store and its iconic blue box. Her husband's first gift to her came in one: a heart necklace with a pearl on it.

She has a movie awaiting release in February, a Farrelly brothers comedy called "Hall Pass," about two friends (Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis) who get a get-out-of-marriage-free week from their wives. But the actress, who became a TV star at age 12 in "Who's the Boss?" would do another series "in a second. To have that stability and know at least for that season that I have a job allows me to enjoy the rest of my life and not stress," she says.

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