Gabriel Macht and Patrick Adams, who play a hotshot lawyer and a young man pretending to be one in USA's "Suits," are of like minds when it comes to green living. Macht drives a Prius, recycles, composts and keeps a vegetarian home. Adams also composts and is about to move into a new home with a bigger garden. In the market for a new car, he's checking out hybrids.

"I was looking for a series and I read this and thought this was a character I could have a lot of fun with," says Macht, who drew on inspiration close to home for his role as Harvey Specter. "There are a lot of lawyers in my family," says the New York-bred son of actor Stephen Macht. Adams didn't have too far to reach to play the pretend newbie-lawyer Mike Ross. "It's very much my own experience, coming into a new world and feeling overwhelmed," he says about his first starring role in a series.

A native of Toronto, where "Suits" is shot, Adams says that in future episodes, "you get to see a little bit of Harvey's back story and what makes him tick a little bit. For Mike, it's a matter of finding out if this is what he really wants and is he willing to do the things it takes to be there, and is Harvey willing to fully accept him into the fold." Mike's bad-influence buddy Trevor might turn up again, and Harvey "will square off with an old classmate of mine played by Abigail Spencer. She was number one at Harvard and I was number five so there's a bit of rivalry and competition," says Macht.

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Gabriel Macht & Patrick Adams: Being green 'Suits' them
Eco-friendly co-stars talk hybrids, gardens and their USA series.