The frack attack is back. "Gasland" director Josh Fox brings the sequel to his Academy Award-nominated anti-fracking documentary to HBO this week, showcasing more flaming faucets and more accused misdeeds on the part of natural-gas exploration companies.

As in the first movie, "Gasland Part II" follows Fox as he travels across the country, interviewing people whose water and air has been tainted by methane, reportedly from nearby natural gas wells. He also speaks to regulators and accuses energy companies of buying off politicians to keep the natural gas flowing.

Fox told the Associated Press that he hopes the new film will be seen not just by the people who could be affected by natural gas fracking, but also by President Obama. "We want the president to watch the movie, and we want him to meet with the people who are in it," Fox said.

The banjo-playing director has been on a media junket lately, appearing on "Real Time with Bill Maher," NPR and several shows on MSNBC. He appeared on that network's "Morning Joe" this morning to discuss the film:

The energy industry has been attacking the film, but Fox has been battling their claims both on the health front and regarding economics. "Every $1 million that you invest in oil and gas creates 3.7 jobs but every $1 million you invest in wind or sun energy creates 9.5 or 9.8 jobs," he told Yahoo's The Daily Ticker this week.

"Gasland Part II" premieres Monday night on HBO and will repeat throughout the month. You can see the trailer to the new film below:

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