"They recycle scripts, and it saves a lot of paper," says David James Elliott, who prefers to study his lines on his iPad with the iAnnotate app. The former "JAG" star is now playing Ripp Cockburn, husband of Kristin Chenoweth's villainous Carlene, in ABC's new comedy-drama "GCB," premiering March 4. "The material is really rich and challenging and funny," says Elliott of the series, which depicts what happens when a former high school mean girl (Leslie Bibb) loses everything and is forced to move back home to Dallas and contend with her mother (Annie Potts) and the women she once tormented, now eager for revenge.

"She's so fun, delicious. I get to say exactly what we all think, unabashedly and with no apologies," says Chenoweth ("Pushing Daisies," "Glee"), who's reveling in her character, a nice change from the sweet girls she often plays. An accomplished singer who is Dolly Parton's pick to portray her in a proposed movie bio, Chenoweth plans to tour Europe and the United States in May and June. She says she's "getting a lot better" about being green, carrying a reusable water bottle and releasing her most recent CD in recycled and recyclable cardboard.

"I'm conscious about what I do," adds Bibb, who drives a hybrid and recycles. Elliott says he and his family "do our best to turn the lights off, recycle, turn the water off when we brush our teeth, reuse things that in the old days we might have tossed away. We're doing our part to minimize our impact on the planet," he notes, all the more aware of the importance of that as a father of two sons, who turn nine and 19 this month. "We don't want to leave them a crappy place to live," he says.

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'GCB' stars keep it green on set and off
Stars of new show 'GCB' Kristin Chenoweth, David James Elliott and Leslie Bibb do their eco-part.