It's only had limited screenings around the country, but already "Birdemic" is turning into something of a cult classic with movie fans. The main reason? It's laughably terrible in everything from the acting to the plot to the special effects. It has everything to give validity to the saying "so bad, it's good".

If you haven't seen the movie or the trailer (jump below), just imagine Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" — but with modern-day toxic, flammable, exploding, acid-spitting eagles and vultures. And why have these normally benign creatures suddenly turned on humans?

"The reason they explode is because global warming has made them mutant, and toxic and flammable," creator and director James Nguyen told "CBS Sunday Morning". "It's fictional, but it's not something unrealistic," he added.

Oh no? Is it me or did Al Gore leave out the whole "flammable birds" slide from his "An Inconvenient Truth" presentation?

The film was reportedly made for a paltry $10K, which might explain the comparisons of the acting to a "high-end porno" or the special effects to that of "an Atari 2600".

Check out the trailer below — and see if you can spot what appears to be a bit of a Mother Nature Network cameo...

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Global warming 'Birdemic' movie becoming cult classic
Bad acting? Check. Awful plot? Check. Mutated birds that explode and spit acid? Check. Check.