On the set of the new Matthew Perry-led ensemble NBC sitcom "Go On," "a lot of people bring their own bottles to work and we have bins and stuff, but we could get better at it," admits show creator Scott Silveri, an executive producer on "Friends" from 1998-2004. Premiering Sept. 11, the comedy stars Perry as Ryan King, a recently widowed sports radio DJ whose boss orders him to grief counseling in group therapy before he can return to work.


"This guy just lost his wife, so there's the reality of that. I don't have a lot of experience grieving, but I have a ton of experience of sitting in circles and talking about my problems. I've been doing that for a long, long time so I didn't have to do much research," says Perry. In therapy, "the common bond creates a lot of laughter, a lot of jokes, a lot of funny, a lot of laughing. I just love the material. I know that it breeds a kind of acting that I really am excited about. I got the chance to do both things that I really enjoy, doing comedy and drama. I hope it's a sympathetic character and I hope I'm playing him in a sympathetic way while still being funny," he adds, optimistic that his third post-"Friends" TV vehicle (following "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" and "Mr. Sunshine") will be the charm.


As for the possibility that any of his "Friends" friends might guest on the show, "we're trying to put out something new so it would be very confusing at first," says Perry, "But ultimately, I love those guys so it would be nice to work with them."


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'Go On' aims to be greener
Matthew Perry stars in his third post-'Friends' show, 'Go On' (following 'Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip' and 'Mr. Sunshine') — hoping this one will be the ch