11 questions about the Goode family:

 The Goode Family

1. When did you first come up with the concept? Because the timing for "The Goode Family" seems perfect right now.


The Goode family tries so hard to be good. They compost, recycle, drive a hybrid car and, according to Helen Goode, just want to call minorities by their right names.

The Goode Family

2. I know that the Goode family is trying to figure it all out. What makes them good?


Helen's father Charlie, voiced by Brian Doyle-Murray, is the foil to her "What would Al Gore do?" outlook.

The Goode Family

3. How would you describe each one of the characters on "The Goode Family"?


The Goodes from left to right: Gerald the college administrator, Helen the community activist, Ubuntu the adopted South African son, Bliss the somewhat normal teenager often embarrassed by her parents and Che the vegan dog.

The Goode Family

4. When you were casting for "The Goode Family", aside from Mike Judge I'm guessing, did you have anyone in mind?


The voices behind the Goodes. Top left: Mike Judge. Top right: Nancy Carrell. Bottom left: David Herman. Bottom right: Linda Cardellini.

The Goode Family

5. And aside just from real life experiences, did you have to do any green research for this new Mike Judge show?


Helen experiences what happens more often than not at the grocery store checkout: forgetting her eco-friendly bags at home.

The Goode Family

6. The Goodes, they obviously live in a college town because that's where Gerald works. Do we know what the town is?


The Goodes live in an anonymous Midwestern state in a town called Greenville where football reigns. When Ubuntu joins the team, the Goodes try to keep an open mind.

The Goode Family

7. What kind of situations can we expect to find the Goodes in this season?


Bliss tries to help with her mother's animal rescue mission gone awry. While trying to place animals into homes, they encounter an animal rights group that believes animals should not be kept as pets.

8. Are you hoping that your viewers are going to be empowered by the Goodes? Are they going to think the Goodes are really extreme?


 Altschuler believes that viewers will find relief in the Goodes. He hopes they will be welcomed as a family just trying to do what they can to help the Earth.

9. Did you always picture "The Goode Family" as being animated?


The creators always envisioned "The Goode Family" as an animated show, particularly to accomodate Che's character, the starving vegan dog.


10. Is there anything else you want to tell people about the premiere of "The Goode Family"?


The Goodes are the heroes of the show. Although Altschuler admits to making fun of the Goodes, he hopes viewers will understand that he sees them as a family trying to do its best.

The Goode Family

11. Do you personally have any green tips?


A green tip from the Goodes is to shower with collected rainwater. Altschuler's green tip proves to be a little more manageable.

John Altschuler, co-creator and executive producer of "The Goode Family," was also an executive producer on "King of the Hill" and a writer on the film "Blades of Glory."

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(All show photos courtesy of ABC. Altschuler photo courtesy of Nick Conti.)
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