Christie's Green Auction: A Bid to Save the Earth with charitybuzz came to a close yesterday — and the most surprising result? Bids for lunch with Barney's creative director Simon Doonan beat out bids for lunch with Hugh Jackman and a shot at meeting Jude Law.

Jackman's auction, which included lunch and a day on the set of his new film "Reel Steel", was valued at $20K but only managed to pull $8K. The Barney's offer included lunch with Doonan, a behind-the-scenes preview of the popular windows and studio tour, and a $5,000 store gift card.

Proving just how powerful Doonan's star power is, the bidding soared to some $60,000 — many times the $8K estimated value.

"I always assumed Jude Law and Hugh Jackman had infinitely more wattage than me, but clearly I have to reevaluate," Doonan told WWD. "I am going to have my office lined in a leopard carpet and wear a smoking jacket and ascot to work.”

Overall, the online auction brought in more than $1 million for environmental groups Oceana, Natural Resources Defense Council, The Central Park Conservancy and Conservation International. On Earth Day, Christie's live auction, which included items like a round of golf with former President Bill Clinton, brought in more than $2 million as well as $500,000 from some deep-pocketed attendees.

You can check out all of the items that were offered by visiting the online auction page here.

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