The fifth annual Pregnancy Awareness Month event drew hundreds of moms and moms-to-be for an afternoon of socializing and knowledge-sharing, with expert speakers and services and products on offer including eco-friendly vendors like Plum Organics, Seventh Generation and Born Free.

"We have one mission and that's to empower women, to educate them, to help them make empowered decisions as they move into motherhood," said PAM founder Anna Getty, noting an active social media campaign that has helped grow its grassroots community of mothers from 30,000 in its first year to four million today. The blogger and mother of two drives a clean diesel car, buys vintage shoes and clothes, uses biodegradable plastic, always carries cloth bags with her, shops at the farmers market for local produce in Los Angeles, and has an organic garden at her home in Tuscany, where she runs an organic olive farm, producing oil for restaurants and soon, stores. "I'm on the boards of the Organic Center, Global Green and Healthy Child, Healthy World," said Getty. "I want to promote a more holistic lifestyle."

Actress Ali Landry, her four-year-old daughter Estela in tow, had her second child, Marcelo, seven months ago. "I love to be pregnant. I love the whole process, and I love everything PAM represents about women and nurturing themselves during this precious time. Coming here, with women supporting women and having those conversations and finding a network and a community is really great," she said. She makes all of Marcelo's food herself from fresh organic produce. "We go to the farmers market on Sundays and pick up all our vegetables. I want to introduce my kids to everything healthy and nutritious," said Landry, who buys organic and natural products. "It's all about making healthy choices," said Landry, who is currently appearing on TV Guide Network's "Hollywood Girls Night" and launching a new product review website called

anna getty, lisa loeb, and alisa donner

"This type of event helps people connect and learn a lot about being pregnant. It's a great community," said singer Lisa Loeb, who's expecting her second child in June. (She knows the sex and has chosen a name, but wasn't sharing.) At home, "We do our best to keep everything organic. But we're also realists. Convenience often means not green. We can't use glass all the time because my daughter can't bring glass to school. But we're trying to get away from Ziploc bags and use reusable containers. I got some environmentally friendly plastic containers and she eats almost all organic food. We go to the farmers market, Whole Foods. We use environmentally friendly sunscreen. We try to find that healthy balance."

Loeb, who performed songs from her recently released booth-with-CD, "Silly Sing–Along: The Disappointing Pancake and Other Zany Songs," her third collection of children's music, will release her next album for grownups, "a punky pop record," in January.

Photo: Amy Graves

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Green moms Ali Landry, Lisa Loeb celebrate Pregnancy Awareness Month
The fifth annual Pregnancy Awareness Month event drew hundreds of moms and moms-to-be (including Ali Landry and Lisa Loeb) for socializing and knowledge-sharing