The star-studded red carpet will be greener than ever at the 63rd annual Primetime Emmy Awards, in line with Fox's efforts to neutralize the event's carbon footprint. Reduce, reuse, recycle will be in full effect for the three-hour award show, which Fox will broadcast live at 8 p.m. EDT on Sept. 18. TV stars will walk a locally-produced carpet made from 25,000 feet of recycled material and illuminated by solar-powered, energy-saving LED and fluorescent lighting. Fox will donate the carpet and solar panels to Ronald McDonald House of Long Beach and Habitat For Humanity after the event.

Other eco-friendly practices in place include sorting and recycling of all event materials including paper, bottles, plastic, and batteries, renting everything from tables and chairs to linens, plants and service items such as non-disposable glasses, plates, silverware, platters and trays, and using signage printed with water-based ink on biodegradable materials or recycled aluminum. All food waste and biodegradable disposable items will be composted, staff and crew will get around on bicycles, and caterers will whip up dishes made from locally grown and/or organic foods.

"Glee" star Jane Lynch, who won an Emmy last year for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series and was part of the hilarious skit that opened the show, has been promoted to host this year, a job she never even thought about until show producer Mark Burnett approached her about it on a flight. "Without a thought I said yes, and he walked away and I went, 'What have I done?! Dear God, help me!'" She's nevertheless excited about being only the third woman (after Angela Lansbury and Ellen DeGeneres) to host the show solo and doing a song-and-dance number. "My goal is that nobody will cringe, or at least very few people will cringe," she says.

Whether or not she wins her second Emmy, it will be a memorable week for the actress, who just published a memoir, "Happy Accidents," and returns as glee club nemesis Sue Sylvester in the Sept. 20 premiere of "Glee." "She's continuing her campaign for congress on the Sue Sylvester American Liberty ticket. And she's going to be more right wing than Michelle Bachman," says Lynch, who has new students to torment this season, including the "Glee Project" winners. On the big screen, she'll play the Mother Superior of an orphanage where Moe, Larry and Curly reside in "The Three Stooges," with Jennifer Hudson and Larry David (!) as nuns. The Farrelly Brothers comedy will be released Apr. 4.

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