The wooded area around the U.K. town of Knaresborough, North Yorkshire has fallen pray to some amazing guerrilla art as of late. For weeks, residents were stumped as to who carved these amazing pieces of work into nearby trees. Clearly they were the handy work of a professional sculptor.

The mystery artist responsible for these intricate tree carvings is local artist Tommy Graggs. Luckily for him, the locals rather liked the work and are hoping for more! Currently three sculptures have been completed — a dragon, a kingfisher and a ghostly figure — standing between 10 and 20 feet high.

Althea Farmer, chairwoman of the Knaresborough Civic Society, said the whole town had been talking about the strange appearance of the carvings.

I am still baffled how he managed to carve up three trees in visited areas without anyone seeing them. Well done, Tommy!

Tree sculpture by Tommy Craggs

Kingfisher tree sculpture by Tommy Craggs

Douglas tree sculpture by Tommy Craggs

Meliai Dryad bench tree sculpture

A tree sculpture bench in Allensford Nature Trail created by Tommy Craggs

Woman and elf tree sculpture by Tommy Craggs

All photos courtey of Tommy Craggs.

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