It’s never too late to get some Halloween crafts pulled together, and we have just the list to make your Halloween boo-tiful.

You'll find that we've pulled together projects that incorporate all sorts of skill levels and time commitments. So, without further ado, Check out this list of five Halloween craft ideas:

Pumpkin and jack-o'-lantern pots

What you’ll need: Small terra-cotta pots, orange and yellow craft paint, sponge, black fine-line marker.

How to make it: Paint your terra-cotta pot orange using the sponge on the inside and the outside. Find a jack-o'-lantern pattern online (or freehand it) and paint it on the pot using the yellow paint. Outline the eyes and mouth with the black marker. Fill with candy to use as a serving dish.

candy wrapper decoupage lightplate Martha Stewart has a creative way to keep your leftover candy wrappers. (Photo:

Post-candy decoupage

What you’ll need: White light-switch plates, candy wrappers, iron, glue stick or Mod Podge glue, small paintbrush, scissors, utility knife.

How to make it: No need to throw away those used candy wrappers, says Martha Stewart. Make something neat out of them instead! Flatten out the used candy wrappers by ironing them on a low temperature. Cut the wrappers to fit your light-switch plate in a design that appeals to your taste: have them overlap, make geometric shapes. Be creative! On the backside of the wrapper, apply the glue and stick to your light-switch plate. Rub out the wrinkles and repeat the process until your plate is covered. With the utility knife, make an X over the switch’s hole and fold and glue to the back of the plate. Punch the screws through, folding and gluing any loose edges. Cover the wrappers in a decoupage gel and allow to dry. Affix to your light fixture.

Spider web plate

What you’ll need: Large clear glass plate or platter, glass or acrylic paint.

How to make it: Find an image of a spider web on the internet, print it, and tape it the inside of the bowl (you can always freehand it as well). Flip the plate over and using your glass paint, trace the pattern along the underside of your plate. Give the paint 24 hours to dry and then bake in the oven according to the instructions to set the design.

If don’t want the web to remain on the bowl, used acrylic paint to trace the design. Do not place it in the oven, and then wash the paint off after Halloween.

Halloween specimen jarsYou can also be very basic and just put icky stuff in simple jars. (Photo: Windell Oskay/flickr)

Specimen jars

What you’ll need: Glass cylinder, vase or jar, Encapso K, plastic paint bucket, mixing tool, Halloween teeth and eyes, Sil-Poxy silicone rubber adhesive.

How to make it: You’ll need a fair amount of Encapso K, so make some in advance so you’re ready to go with each jar. Mix the Encapso K in the plastic paint bucket with the proper ratios (see instructions on the bottles) for 5 minutes. Pour 2 inches worth of the mix into the bottom of your jar. This will take 2 hours to solidify. Take your Halloween teeth and apply some Sil-Poxy to the bottom of them and affix to the solid Encapso K. It’ll take about 15 minutes to dry. Pour another couple of inches of Encapso K and this should be solid within 15 minutes. Apply the Sil-Poxy to the eyes and affix to the second layer of Encapso K. Cover with another helping of Encapso K and allow to dry.

You can use other items, too, like skeletons, frogs, trolls or bats instead of the teeth and eyes. Just follow the same instructions and fill the glass container appropriately.

Party picks

What you’ll need: Small Styrofoam balls, craft glue, colored construction paper, (go with Halloween colors), Liquitex matte medium, scissors, toothpicks, extra fine point paint pens, Halloween colored pipe cleaners.

How to make it: If you’re making a human head of some sort (like a skull or a witch’s head), mold the Styrofoam ball into an upside-down pear shape; if not, leave the ball as is. Brush some craft glue on a strip of colored construction paper (test to make sure it’ll wrap around your Styrofoam ball first!) and then affix to the ball (green for witches, white for skeletons or ghosts, black for cats, orange for jack-o'-lanterns, etc.) Dip the tip of the toothpick in a bit of glue and insert into bottom of the ball. Brush a light coat of the matte medium to the paper to seal the paper. Let dry before you begin drawing on the paper. Draw on the appropriate decorations for your head, and decorate with the leftover construction paper (wings, hats, etc).

Halloween crafts: 5 quirky ideas
It’s never too late to get some Halloween crafts pulled together, and we have just the list to your Halloween boo-tiful.