Playing party games is a great way to work off the sugar rush that comes from a big bag of Halloween candy. And we’ve got a list of Halloween games that will do just that.

Pumpkin Bowling

What you’ll need: 3 small pumpkins, 30 one- or two-liter clear soda bottles, 1 can of white spray paint, 1 black permanent marker, a bag of gravel, sand, or pebbles.

Setting up: First, spray paint the empty soda bottles white. When they dry, draw ghostly faces on them. Fill each bottle with a small amount of the gravel, sand, or pebbles (just enough so they don’t blow over in a breeze). Then, organize the bottles in a bowling pin formation (10 to a formation). Set a small pumpkin by each lane to be the ball.

How to play: Group the party-goers in even groups and let ‘em roll! Keep score just like bowling, with special prizes for the winners (themed pencils or stationary).

Halloween Chairs

What you’ll need: Sets of chairs (one less than the number of people playing), Halloween music.

Setting up: Organize the chairs in a fun and safe formation.

How to play: It’s like musical chairs, but using Halloween-related tunes. People circulate around the chairs as the music plays, and when the music stops, they scramble for a seat. Who ever isn’t sitting in a chair is out. Keep playing until there’s a winner. (If you need help deciding on Halloween songs, we have a list to get you started.)

Candy Toss

What you’ll need: 1 plastic Trick or Treat pail, Halloween candy (mini candy bars are recommended), 1 strand of string or wire

Setting up: Set a place for players to stand and 6 to 8 feet away from that place, hang the pail from the ceiling at an appropriate height for your guests. Pour the Halloween candy in a central bowl or pail where the guest will stand.

How to play: Guests take turns throwing 3 to 6 pieces into the pail. Whoever gets the most of their throws into the pail wins the candy.

Worm Digging

What you’ll need: Bag(s) of gummy worms, containers of whip cream, bowls.

Setting up: Spoon or spray a shallow layer of whip cream on the bottom of the bowl. Place 3 to 5 gummy worms around the plate (depending on size of the plate). Cover with another, thicker layer of whip cream.

How to play: Just like bobbing for apples, but far messier. Guests will place their hands behind their backs and dive face first into the whip cream, grabbing the worms with their teeth. Whoever finds all their worms first, wins. For a harder time, try blindfolding the guests.

Pumpkin Bocce

What you’ll need: 1 large pumpkin, a number of small pumpkins (depending on party size)

Setting up: Place the large pumpkin about 50 to 80 feet away from where your guests will roll the small pumpkins from.

How to play: Follow traditional bocce ball rules except each player will have two small pumpkins. Take turns rolling (not throwing) a small pumpkin toward the bigger pumpkin. After everyone has rolled once, they’ll roll again for a second chance. Encourage guests to try and knock other guests’ pumpkins away or block one another’s pumpkins.

Monster Tag

What you’ll need: 1 scary monster mask, 1 pair of scary monster gloves, 1 blindfold, string or yarn.

Setting up: You’ll need enough room to set up a decent sized circle, so this game is best played outside. Using the string or yawn, set up a circular area.

How to play: Think of it as a ghoulish version of Marco Polo. All players will be inside the area. One player will put on the blind fold and then the monster mask and hands. All players have to stay within the circle while the monster wanders around with their arms reaching out to tag the players. When the “monster” moans or growls, all the players must moan or growl back. When a player gets tagged by the monster, he or she becomes the next monster and gets to wear the mask.

Got other ideas for Halloween games? Leave us a note in the comments below.

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Halloween games are the best way to work off the sugar rush that comes from a big bag of candy.