Halloween isn’t traditionally a sit-down dinner type of holiday. When it’s time to throw a ghoulish party, most people opt for finger foods (often shaped like fingers) and Halloween-themed desserts (sometimes also shaped like fingers) to feed their guests.

We’ve got a round up of some great appetizers (some Halloween themed; and some seasonally themed because not everyone likes to eat something that looks like an eyeball) for any Halloween Party.

Halloween themed appetizers

Avocado Witches Fingers – Bite sized portions of avocado and goat cheese are wrapped in prosciutto. They get a sprinkling of chili powder to look a bit like sprinkled blood. When five of them are arranged around an avocado, they look like literal “finger food.”

Eye of Newt Deviled Eggs – It’s not hard to imagine that a deviled egg looking like an eye. Green colored egg yolks and a sliver of a pimento-stuffed olive create an iris that’s inside the whites of the egg/eye turned bloodshot with food dye (see note below). These deviled eggs look more like they should be thrown in a cauldron than into your mouth.

Halloweenies – Perhaps not the healthiest option at your Halloween party, but these are simple and cute. Cocktail smoke-link sausages get wrapped in crescent roll dough to make them look like mummies. A couple of dabs of mustard create eyes poking through the wrapping.

Spicy Vampire Bat Wings –This recipe will satisfy the buffalo wing crowd at your party. Whole chicken wings get a spicy BBQ sauce treatment and are arranged on a plate to look like pairs of wings.

Seasonally themed appetizers

Cranberry Brie Bites – At the end of October, fresh cranberries are easy to find. Use them to make cranberry sauce (or go ahead and buy a good canned version) for these easy to put together bites make with Brie and puffed pastry.

Pumpkin Cheese Spread - Cream, blue and sharp Cheddar cheeses are mixed with pumpkin, pecans, garlic and sherry for a spread for an assortment of crackers. Make the night before the party to allow all the flavors to meld.

Vegetable Appetizer Squares – Use the last of the zucchini crop (or plan ahead and grate and freeze some for these squares) along with other fall vegetables to make these savory squares.

Kale and Bean Bruschetta – Offer your guests a second bruschetta option with this version that combines the “it” vegetable at the moment, kale, with cannellini beans and plenty of spices for a healthy spread on top of toasted crusty bread.

Ultimate Spinach Dip – Fresh spinach and green onions replace the frozen chopped spinach in the usual spinach dip. This is definitely a dip that needs to be made several hours ahead of time for the flavors to meld. Serve with pumpernickel bread or fresh vegetables for dipping.

A note about food dyes: Natural food dyes are preferred over chemical food dyes. India Tree makes a basic set of natural blue, yellow and red dyes that’s enough to take you from Halloween through next year’s Valentine’s Day with your holiday treats.

Have other ideas for Halloween party foods? Leave us a note in the comments below.

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Halloween party foods
Halloween isn’t traditionally a sit-down dinner type of holiday. When it’s time to throw a ghoulish party, most people opt for finger foods (often shaped li